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Recon: Central Michigan


This is always a rough time of the year for Dayton hoops. Students go home, the competition is less than stellar and the players have to hope the papers their tutors wrote were good enough to pass their classes. The Flyers just have to keep their heads down and take care of business before heading to Ole Miss. That’s the plan.

Our hits go down during this time of the year, so don’t expect the barely mediocre musings you’ve come to expect over the next few weeks. Anyway, someone sent me a pic of Ms. Red from Tinder, so here’s that. Glad she is still keeping it tight.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Gone, but never forgotten.


Central Michigan currently sports a 6-3 record and is now on a four-game winning streak. They’ve played no one of substance, unless you count Pepperdine and Bradley as formidable (both losses, by the way).

The Chips are coached by Keno Davis. Remember Keno Davis? Well, he’s at CMU now. Anyway, Keno Davis came running into a burning house last season, as players left in droves before his arrival. His staff was tasked with rounding up eight players over the spring and summer of 2012. Suffice it to say, the Chips are very young. The current roster features four freshmen, eight sophomores, a junior and one graduate student. The Chippewas finished 11-20 in Davis’ first year on the bench.

CMU likes to push the ball offensively and mix in some full-court pressure defensively, Archie.


Meet and Greet

The Chips are led by Chris Fowler (16.9 ppg/5.1 apg) and John Simons (11.6 ppg/6.3 rpg). Fowler was named to the MAC All-Freshman team last season and is the Chips primary playmaker. He features a well-rounded offensive arsenal and is adept at breaking down defenses. Simons is the team’s leading rebounder and stretches the floor with his ability to knock down three-point shots.

Austin Stewart (4.0 ppg/4.6 rpg) and Austin Keel (8.8 ppg/2.1 rpg) join Fowler in the starting backcourt. Keel takes the majority of his shots from behind the arc, where he is only hitting 20% on the year (keep at it, kid!). Stewart has offensive touch but isn’t a significant offensive player. 6’7″ sophomore Blake Hibbets (9.6 pgg/4.0 rpg) starts at the other forward position for the Chips and is an excellent perimeter shooter.

CMU’s bench is led by 5’9″ freshman Braylon Rayson (8.9 ppg/2.2 rpg). Guard Josh Kosinski has attempted 38 shots on the season, all from three-point land. You have to respect that, I don’t know why, you just do.

Numbers Game



Flyers get back to their somewhat winning ways. Truth be told if this game was on the road we’d probably be on high-alert. As it is, probably not much to see here. Flyers win 79-66.



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