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Krampus Attack

You just knew UD would have some payback coming after the miracle against IPFW. Well, this was God’s makeup call. The Trojans scored 52 points in the paint and Dayton shot just 6-of-23 from behind the arc.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Lastly, I enjoyed this little anecdote from the DDN this morning:


The crush of USC players – which included big men like Haley, 7-foot-2 Omar Oraby and 6-10 Nikola Jovanovic – engulfed Howard and carried him along in jubilant, flash mob fashion to the very corner of the floor where the UD cheerleaders tried to scatter.

And that’s where Kristina Sucher – the Flyers’ cheerleading adviser who stands about 5-feet tall at best – was bulldozed into the arena railing as the triumphant Trojans whooped and hollered all around her.

And what happened next may be the most amazing performance of the day.

Sucher didn’t wilt at game’s end.

She pulled herself off the rail and marched up to the USC coaches on the floor to complain about her treatment. They graciously apologized and then quite surprisingly told her to head into the locker room and tell the team how she felt.

And so as the Trojans piled into the cramped visitors’ dressing room, she followed them in and looking up at the smiling – and suddenly a bit surprised – faces, she gave them a piece of her mind, got an apology and marched back out.

“I just told them I’ve never been so disrespected in my life,” she said. “I said ‘I know you guys were excited – you won – but you had me pushed into that bar.’ I got my point across.”

Yes, she did Howard said afterward: “Yeah, that lady was something.”





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