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Like any school that is 3% African-American, the students at UD love Martin Luther King Jr. Is it because he was a great human who died for a great cause? Nope. Is it because we get Monday off? Yes. That means Thursday through Sunday filled with mass amounts of Natty Light and sloppy college kids. We have heard three confirmed stories and two rumors. I’ll start with the three confirmed stories.

A young freshman guy entered the Sigma Nu party on Saturday night and was not greeted warmly. Apparently, within minutes of his arrival the whole party started chanting “F—K THAT KID! F—K THAT KID!” He quickly exited the party. The next thing discovered this weekend is that there is a husky puppy living in Founders, the freshman dorm. The final story makes a girl being in your bed terrible. After a long Saturday of drinking a freshman guy took a girl back to his slamshack also known as his dorm. Tragedy struck on Sunday morning. After the girl left the guy noticed his bed, along with himself were covered in blood. Period blood. Expletives could be heard in the streets of downtown Dayton.


The final two stories are purely rumors at this point, but interesting none the less. I am not sure when or where this happened, but a fake orgy took place. Reportedly, a group of freshmen boys faked a gay orgy to avoid getting written up for drinking in their dorm. The RA knocked on their door, so they stripped off their clothes and told the RA to come in. He walked in and immediately walked out. So I guess in some kind of twisted Matt Kavanaugh way they got away with it. Allegedly, during the first semester a male Dayton student was found naked and passed out in the Frericks Center gym. This story is completely based of hearsay right now, but apparently he was roofied over the weekend and found the following morning. No one seems to know anything about it, but rumors are circulating around Dayton.

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Freshman Report

Freshman Report

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