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George Washington was missing three starters — its backcourt tandem of Joe McDonald and Kethan Savage, as well as leading scorer Maurice Creek — but it wouldn’t have made a difference.

These are exactly the types of games Dayton wins. It’s like a man getting ready to divorce his wife. He has the papers drawn up, she gets wind of it and then desperately loses 20 pounds over the next few weeks. It’s enough to make him stick around, if just for the kids.

UD protected the ball, shot well from the three and was excellent from the charity stripe. Those are key ingredients in any UD victory (they were, however, outrebounded by GW 34-32).

Devin Oliver led the way for the Flyers, scoring a team-high 17 points and pulling down 9 rebounds. He even provided us with a chortle-worthy tweet after the game:

Yup, UD is back.

Dyshawn Pierre either didn’t play or was simply too mesmerized by Jordan Sibert, Vee Sanford and Khari Price’s chucking to get involved. It didn’t matter, George Washington was too decimated to keep up and the Flyers seemingly had this game in hand at the first TV timeout. Gem City moves to 2-5 in league play, 14-8 overall. The season, I’m told, will continue.

Lastly, kudos to Mrs. Miller for chiming in with this simple message:




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