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While I Was Gone


So I can’t even lie, your boy has been slacking on his posts. I moved to Los Angeles, which is cool. It is different out here, the traffic sucks, the girls are everywhere and the food makes it all worth it. Having to get used to white and black people being the minority out here. I’ve been watching a lot of college basketball lately, seen my share of Flyer games. I like what I’m seeing from the team but I feel like were losing games in the exact same way we lost them when I was playing. It’s good to see my second favorite team Syracuse doing well. It’s crazy watching these guys Adrian Payne, Juwan Staten, Aaron Craft and Travis Trice play. I remember when they were dorky high-school kids just happy to be in the locker room.

I think my next tattoo is going to be something Dayton related, I’d love to get some ideas.

The other day someone asked me if there was anything I hated more than that school from Cincinnati, here’s what I came up with:

1. When people start to tell you a story then stop and say never mind
2. Panty lines….we don’t need to see that
3. NBA players who don’t improve their games
4. James Earl Jones sprint commercials……seriously you’re Darth Fucking Vader, The King of Zamunda, and they got you reading Facebook posts
5. Country Music…..the world’s most depressing lyrics. I heard a song about a murder suicide yesterday

Flyers Forever


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