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BTB: Day Two


Now I know what Iowa feels like. After rolling off six straight, capped off by Dayton’s victory over Ohio State, I ran into a buzzsaw.

A couple of tough beats, but that’s the name of the game — only the names change, kids.

Record: 9-10-1

Bankroll: ↓  113.67 🙁

Mercer vs. Duke (-12.5)

Can’t remember the last time I looked at Duke and felt like they were national title worthy. This year is no different. Jabari Parker is a stud and people are giving the Mercer Bears too much respect. On the flipside, I’d pay $100 just to see Duke lose this one. Blue Devils cover.

Nebraska vs. Baylor (-4)

Nebraska has to be kinda terrible, right?


Stanford vs. New Mexico (-3)

New Mexico seems under-seeded at #7 and Stanford is coached by Johnny Dawkins. I’m putting money on my man Snake.

Weber State vs. Arizona (-20)

I don’t even want to bet this one. Feel like Zona might come out kinda sluggish like a lot of one seeds. However, Weber State has just ONE victory over a top 200 RPI team (#190 Montana) and this is a virtual home game for the Cats.

Tennessee vs. Massachusetts (+6)

Tennessee has some muscle inside but I believe UMass’ length can cause them problems. Haven’t heard much from Chaz Williams lately, I think he’s got one more big game left in the tank.


Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Creighton (-14)

Doug McDermott might score 50 in this one. On another note, if Greg McDermott has any plans of leaving Creighton at some point, this year would be the year to do it — the Jays will have to embrace mediocrity for the next few seasons.

Eastern Kentucky vs. Kansas (-14)

Realize that Embiid is out until next week, but that shouldn’t matter much against the Colonels. EKU doesn’t have the size of talent to mix it up with the Jayhawks.

Oklahoma State (-3) vs. Gonzaga

I just don’t believe in the Zags anymore, been burned by them too many times. Oklahoma State seems like they can pretty much score with anyone and Gonzaga has looked downright ordinary the last two months. I used to believe in you, Mark Few.


George Washington (+3) vs. Memphis

I’m encouraged by the Atlantic Ten’s play thus far and GW plays solid defense. I should bet the under here (141.5), but I’m an idiot.

Cal-Poly vs. Wichita State (-16)

The Shockers have a chip on their shoulder and are going to come out looking for blood, Mustang blood.

Providence vs. North Carolina (-4)

Does anyone else feel like UNC could make a run? Just me? Cool.


Stephen F. Austin vs. Virginia Commonwealth (-6.5)

There’s preparing for HAVOC, and then there’s actually playing against it. Like Mike Tyson used to say, everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

Coastal Carolina (+19.5) vs. Virginia

A coin-flip, heads for CC, tails for UVA. It’s heads.

Kansas State (+6) vs. Kentucky

I like Kentucky to win this one, and beat Wichita State on Sunday, but KState should be able to keep it somewhat close.


North Carolina Central vs. Iowa State (-8.5)

Iowa State can SCORE THE BALL.

Tulsa vs. UCLA (-8.5)

I’d rather watch Steve Alford and Danny Manning play one on one.


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