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Sam Miller Will Matriculate at UD



Sam Miller, a 6’7″ forward from Gonzaga HS in Washington, D.C., has verbally pledged his future to VD University.

In addition to Dayton, Miller held offers from Gonzaga, American, Columbia, Rutgers, Penn State, Monmouth and Princeton.

Yes, a kid who likely has no shot at playing professional basketball chose UD over Princeton and Columbia. A white kid did this. A white kid with parents that send him to a very tony prep school where my asshole cousin went. So instead of walking away with an Ivy League diploma in five years, with an opportunity to feast on the most succulent marrow of life, Miller is going to receive a degree from Dayton. I want to talk to this kid’s parents. I will never understand this.

Dayton recently sealed up a verbal from 6’6″ forward Ryan Mikesell, so it seems that Archie is really focused on loading up on mid-sized white guys for the 2015 class. The Flyers have also received a commitment from 6’8″ forward Xeyrius Williams in the ’15 class, so there will be a major crunch for minutes at the 3 and 4 positions if/when these guys arrive on campus. (From what I see and hear, Mikesell isn’t likely to be much of a contributor, so let’s just assume Miller and Williams will provide tandem support up front. Can one of these kids redshirt? When was the last time someone red-shirted at UD?)

Lastly, I haven’t done my research (shocking) but Miller might be the first Jewish kid to ever suit up for the Flyers. The Sweaters will be torn — on one hand, a white kid. On the other, a JUWE.


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