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This is What it Sounds Like When Sweater Vests Cry


I was sitting on the couch on Sunday afternoon, glancing up periodically from my laptop, watching Johnny Football floundering against the Bengals. While feverishly investigating how all the trannie porn got on my hard-drive (my internet search history cleared that mystery up) I received a random Twitter direct message from a resourceful young man. 


My first thought? No one could be this goddamn stupid. Not even Devon Scott.

I asked around and did hear unsubstantiated reports claiming that at least two UD basketball players (Kendall Pollard’s name was being tossed around) were involved in some fuckery over the weekend and that news confirming the allegations was imminent. When Monday and Tuesday passed without any word, I figured the powers that be had once again managed to sweep basketball-related transgressions under the rug. Scott and Robinson would once again be free to pursue their criminal conquests on a somewhat unsuspecting campus. At most, maybe the pair would once again be handed out one-game suspensions for “unspecified reasons.”

Then, on Wednesday morning, I finally received confirmation that the two men were no longer on the basketball team, dismissed immediately, don’t pass go. The DDN’s David Jablonski reported the news just a few hours later.

Miller would not comment on the specific reasons for the dismissals. According to a source, the dismissals are related to a series of thefts from residence halls on campus. The University of Dayton Department of Public Safety is conducting an investigation into the thefts, which occurred over the weekend. That investigation is ongoing, but a police log showed at least 25 theft reports came in over the weekend from students in two dorms.

Twenty five separate claims of theft, even John fucking Dillinger would be impressed. Disgusted, but impressed nonetheless. It’s clear, and telling, that Robinson and Scott did not see their fellow students as peers, as equals, as worthy of common decency. Instead, the two men saw their (predominately white) classmates as marks, dupes, people to be preyed upon and taken advantage of. The pair were as detached from the UD community as they were from reality. 

A particular incident from their weekend pillaging was the most troubling. There were rumors that the perps broke into a female’s dorm room at four o’clock in the morning, waking her up in the process. The woman in question corroborated the occurrence via Twitter yesterday afternoon.


What we can extrapolate from this episode is that the offenders were very, very dangerous people. Anyone that would forcefully enter a residence, at four in the morning, not knowing (or caring) who or what is on the other side is someone to fear indeed. These two men are mentally and emotionally cut off from societal norms, they don’t fear consequences and, as easily identifiable figures on campus, clearly believed they were above the law. Instead of quickly dashing from the room after waking the occupant, the two criminals actually engaged in conversation with her, cavalierly informing her to “lock the door next time.” If that isn’t sociopathic behavior, I’m not sure what is. 

The blame for the past weekend’s events, particularly when it comes to Scott, lays at the feet of Archie Miller, Tim Wabler and Dan Curran.    

Archie+Miller+NCAA+Basketball+Tournament+Regionals+Q_QWTcHnukylThe three men collectively had an opportunity to do the right thing after Scott was charged with domestic violence this past spring. The then sophomore had been involved in several off the court incidents (including theft) and was clearly an albatross around the program’s neck. UD, as you might recall, was coming off an Elite Eight appearance, the school’s administrators had goodwill to spare. UD could have justifiably cut Scott loose and no one would have even batted an eye. In fact, the school higher-ups would have likely been applauded for finally putting its foot down and doing right by the University.

Instead of using common sense, Dayton permitted Scott to remain on the team. Scott, who was so toxic coming out of high-school that Cincinnati parted ways with him after he verballed to the Bearcats, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was soon actively participating in team activities. Archie, doing what was best for Archie, knew the front-court depth would be thin coming into this season. Hence, number forty was penciled in as a starter for the 2014-15 season. 

Robinson had plenty of misconduct since he arrived at UD as well (and like Scott, issues in high-school). An OVI, weed, gun possession, theft and an on-campus fight are just the misfeasance we now know about. At most schools, the aforementioned misdeeds would be more than enough to warrant a dismissal. But remember, Archie had to worry about the shallowness of his front-court. Consequently, Robinson was suspended from the team for a brief period at the end of the summer, water under the bridge. 

Miller/Wabler/Curran were well aware that it wasn’t a question of whether or not the other shoe would drop, but when. There is no conceivable way the head men at UD foresaw Scott and Robinson surviving four years at UD. None. If you think otherwise you are fooling yourself. Archie was primarily, possibly solely, interested in riding the two big men until their respective wheels fell off. Be it this week, next week or next season, there was an almost 100% chance that the two forwards would be discharged from the university before their eligibility was used up. It was merely a matter of time and circumstance. 

Make no mistake, Archie Miller and Co. are running a rouge program right now. Sexual assault (although I think jacking off onto a passed-out 17 year-old would probably legally constitute battery), domestic violence, burglary and recruiting kids that have no business in college are just a portion of the school’s greatest hits over the past two seasons.

Dayton’s administration gets absolutely no credit for finally parting ways with Scott and Robinson, as their “three strikes, hey kid, get ’em next time” policy clearly contributed to the pair’s ongoing delinquency. UD was finally, mercifully, pinned into a corner with no other alternatives, no choice but to finally do the right thing. Too many people were aware of the events that took place in Marycrest this past weekend, there was no room for the school’s powers that be to weasel out of this time.

Miller, Wabler and Curran are lesser men for the way they have handled Scott and Robinson over the past two years. Now the question remains, will the school pursue criminal charges against Scott and Robinson (as it should) or once again cower and let these two pieces of shit of the hook? These were crimes perpetrated against the student body, the true core of the University of Dayton. To not elevate these acts of lawlessness for further prosecution would be an absolute dereliction of duty by UD’s administration. In other words, business as usual.


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