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U. Dayton Basketball

Recon: Boston University

[title type=”fancy-h3″ color=””]The New U.[/title]

10698404_10152850809037372_8065383067858466334_nWell, this has been a fun week and also a prime example that life is indeed a zero-sum game. After reaching the precipice of glory last spring (pretty good hyperbole, yes?) the Flyers now see themselves once again making news for all the wrong reasons. To bring everyone up to speed, Dayton’s exposure to the public at large the past few years has involved a student suspended for an alleged sexual assault, UD’s tournament run, the suicide of a former player and the dismissal of two players for burglarizing dorm rooms. I never thought going to a random college in the Midwest would give me so much street cred.

The worst aspect of the fallout from the past week is that there really isn’t any chance of redemption. There’s no way to spin this – although UD’s criminality rate is sure to plunge, the team’s winning percentage is almost assuredly going to dwindle as well. As hackneyed as Dayton’s “True Team” campaign is, there is undoubtedly some sincerity behind the sentiment. The Flyers won games as a collective, rarely relying on output from one particular player as an avenue to success. Take away two important cogs (as corrosive as they were) and the machine doesn’t quite function the same way.

Although the early returns were specious at best, it was clear that an NCAA tournament appearance was far from guaranteed for this year’s Cager squad even before this week’s dismissals. At this point you have to wonder if UD can scrape together enough wins to get a post-season invite at all. That’s simply the reality of the situation. We said before the season that for Dayton to take the next step as a program, back-to-back tournament berths were necessary. How far back last weekend’s crime spree set Dayton back won’t be known for quite some time. Hopefully all of this unpleasantness will merely be a bump in the road (to glory).

Expectations have changed, but the intrigue of this season hasn’t, at least for me. I’m interested to see what Archie does with the remaining weapons at his disposal, particularly on defense. Detwon Rogers, if ready, will hopefully alleviate some of the pressure – but he is obviously a huge question mark. Will Jordan Sibert attempt 20 three-pointers in a game? In a half? Can Bobby Wehrli makes us all fall in love with in-bounds passes? (Speaking of walk-ons, what happened to former boy band member Eddie Eshoo? He’s no longer listed on the roster. Really gonna miss that kid’s infectious smile and carefully tousled hair.)

For the people asking me (as if I’m the arbiter of anything other than judging the juiciness of the asses attached to females way too young for me) if they can check out on the rest of the season — the answer is absofuckinglutely. There are plenty of other entertainment options in Dayton during the winter. You can gain fifteen pounds, write an increasingly needless mid-major basketball blog, or film yourself freestyle rapping while piss-pants drunk outside of Diamonds. It’s not like UD basketball is the only thing to do in the Gem City once the temperature dips below forty.

[title type=”fancy-h3″ color=””]Overview[/title]

BU enters the game with a 3-6 record, coming off a close win against Quinnipiac last Sunday. The Terriers are young, featuring just two returning starters and no scholarship seniors. Boston U is coming off a very successful 24-11 season which ended with an appearance in the NIT. Picked to finish sixth in the Patriot League preseason poll, the Terriers go about 7-8 players deep into their roster.


[row] [column size=”col-3″]

John Papale • G (6’3″/190) • Jr.
10.3 ppg, 3.0 rpg, 3.7 apg

This guy went to Choate. Fucking Daddy’s Boy.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Nathan Dieudonne • F (6’7″/225) • Jr.
8.7 ppg, 7.1 rpg

A man of questionable ethnicity, Dieudonne gets busy on the boards.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Cedric Hankerson • G (6’5″/190) • So.
18.3 ppg, 41% 3fg, 4.7 rpg, 2.9 apg

A very talented mid-major player, Hankerson left Miami for the Northeast. I feel like his decision making in crunch time may be a liability.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Eric Fanning • G (6’5/190) • So.
8.8 ppg, 3.1 apg, 40% 3fg

I know what you are thinking, “Eric Fanning? You mean the Under Secretary of the Air Force?” Nope, this guy balls.

[/column] [/row] [row] [column size=”col-3″]

Cheddi Mosely • G (6’3″/175) • Fr.
7.2 ppg, 40% 3fg

Cheddi? Black folks is crazy.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Justin Alston • F (6’8″/220) • Jr.
5.8 ppg, 3.4 rpg

Basically a less felonious Devon Scott.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Blaise Mbargorba • C (6’11″/210) • So.
4.1 ppg, 57% fg

My sister’s confirmation name was Blaise. This big dude transferred out of SMU. A seven-footer, will be interesting to see if he can exploit UD’s lack of size.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Will Goff • G (6’3″/180) • Fr.
2.1 ppg, 56% 3fg

Described as a “knock down shooter.” No shit.

[/column] [/row] [title type=”fancy-h3″ color=””]Numbers Game[/title]


[fullwidth_section text_color=”dark” background_type=”color” bg_color=”#C4D8E2″] [spacer height=”15″] [title type=”fancy-h3″ color=””]Prediction[/title]

This is a really good game for the new look Flyers to get their feet wet in. BU lacks talent, height and depth. Flyers win, but at what cost??




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