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Brian Gregory Bequeaths a Victory


Brian GregoryPoor outside shooting, a player on the opposition enjoying a career night, a flat offensive performance in the second half, losing by double digits while out-rebounding the opponent by twelve?? Yup, this was a Brian Gregory coached team. If there was such a thing as a basketball autopsy (is there?) the coroner would quickly come to a conclusion — death by Gregory (“The patient suffered extensive….(puts on sunglasses) Brian damage. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!).

There were countless reports that the crowd was as LOWD as anyone could remember tonight. Although the masses gave their former basketball czar an unnecessarily protracted ovation, it was clear that blood was in the water. UD fans wanted this one badly. 

The Flyers responded in kind, jumping out to a hot start from the outside, hitting their first four attempts from deep. UD was 7-of-10 from deep in the first half and led 39-33 at the break. 

I’m assuming Brian Gregory spends most of his halftime locked in a bathroom stall playing snake on his phone, as he certainly doesn’t appear capable of making the type of adjustments that turn games around for his team. Georgia Tech did cut the deficit to one on a three-pointer by Quinton Stephens, which caused Archie Miller to burn a timeout and stall the Jacket’s fleeting momentum. 

The Flyers came out of the stop in play and immediately ran out on a 12-0 run — that’s we what we use to call the Brian Gregory Special, kids. Tech never got close again, trailing by as much as sixteen points, eventually bowing out with a 75-61 defeat for their efforts. 

Curious as I am, I wandered over to Sting Talk, a Georgia Tech message board, to see how restless the natives were. Here are some of  the hot takes from the Dayton thread, it’s like history repeating itself:

What’s the point of playing any more games this year? Just fire him now. GT bball is completely dead.

Their coach is better than ours. I wouldn’t mind raiding them again for their coach.

Just fire him. Get it over with. Pathetic uninspired bball.

Would be nice to make the tournament every once and a while, wouldn’t it?

I agree, fire him at end of the season, but mostly because he built this team and they are flawed with their skill sets (no shooting and continued weak PG play) and can’t win enough games.

I think it’s time to release Gregory and the simple reason is that we are slow, methodical, can’t shoot, can’t make free throws…generally speaking we are just not very good.

These comments could have been copied directly from our site during the 2010-11 season. The Tech fans have reached the despair stage in their relationship with Brian Gregory. Soon, after a disappointing January, the acceptance phase will kick in. An unnerving February will lead to Jacket fans completely turning their backs on the rest of the season, focusing their attention to possible replacements. In March, when the firing is finally announced, Tech fans will experience a cleansing, a rebirth, a chance to start anew. Take it from me, getting that Brian Gregory stench of mediocrity is easier to wash away than you think. 

The social media response was a resounding repudiation of everything Gregory and that includes the following tweet from Morgan Miller that gave me slight pause:

Guys, I think Mrs. Archie really wanted that W. Something tells me she was nonplussed at the ovation Brian Gregory received before the ball was tipped (and is probably tired of hearing what a great representative of the school he was, as if having a coach’s wife that keeps it tight isn’t the BEST advertisement for the university). I love that Morgan is excitable and feels free to convey whatever message pops into her head at the moment. I’m sure Archie has provided her with some tweeting parameters, but you know it’s just a matter of time before she calls an opponent a cunt. It’s gonna happen, and I, for one, welcome it. 

UD moves to 9-2 on the year, with one non-conference game, against Ole Miss, left on the docket. Although it’s way too early to even think about getting ahead of ourselves, a win against the Rebels put the Flyers at a very comfortable 10-2. The Atlantic Ten, as you know, is an abortion of a league right now. I’m not saying Dayton is a tournament team, I’m simply pointing out that the A10 isn’t as formidable a challenge as in year’s past. The Flyers still have plenty of road ahead of them, but the path isn’t as rocky as we initially thought. 




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