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Recon: Davidson

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Your Dayton Flyers have entered both polls at #22 and all is right with the world. As we have discussed on this
shitty site many times before, a national ranking is essential for the continued success of a program like Dayton’s.
UD basketball is an evolving brand (h/t Rovell), and as such, seeing a number next to the name “Dayton” is vital
to the program’s increasing visibility.

As Pride-ish as worrying about our national ranking may be, it’s undeniably an important aspect of Dayton’s
continual climb to national respectability. As much as it smarts, there is no question that a team with a reputation
like Xavier, Wichita State or Gonzaga’s would have been ranked a few weeks ago with a similar record and RPI.
For now, that’s just how it is. That’s the bad news. Dayton still has plenty of time, and hopefully wins, ahead of
them to continue making a positive impression on the rest of the nation. That’s the good news.          

The Flyers now travel to North Carolina to take on the fresh fish of the conference, the Davidson Wildcats. Davidson
will be hosting a “Black Out,” which seems paradoxical given the school’s white enrollment, likely the most Caucasian
institution in the Atlantic Ten…or is it?


Nope, seems like that coveted title belongs, barely, to Duquesne (second best is simply not good enough
for my alma mater. I will be on the phone this week voicing my concerns, I hope you do the same).

Nevertheless, Davidson is the crown jewel as far as the league’s academic standing is concerned, and at $58,000
a year (with a 21.6% acceptance rate), the most exclusive. It is the Atlantic Ten’s country club program.

[/fullwidth_section] [spacer height=”10″] [title type=”fancy-h3″ color=””]Operation Icy Knees[/title]

I felt like it was time to take a stab at a Detwon Rogers conspiracy theory, so here it is:

It’s clear that something is amiss with the ever-changing Detwon Rogers narrative. It was established early on, before Rogers even officially enrolled, that the transfer from Parts Unknown had knee issues. In late September, we were informed that Rogers would be held out until at least January as he continued to rehab his injury. 

Here is a timeline of what the DDN has reported on the Rogers ordeal since the beginning of December –again, up until that point the official story was that he was nursing his various ailments and maladies, his participation imminent:

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12/5/14 — Rogers tweets “Finally get back to normal!”

12/11/14 — Archie Miller says Detwon Rogers has been cleared for no contact 5-on-5 drills. Still likely a January return.

12/17/14 — Junior forward Detwon Rogers, hasn’t played this season because of a knee injury but is nearing a return, most likely in January.

12/31/14 — Detwon Rogers did not attend Tuesday’s game as he is nursing a knee injury.

1/8/15 — Miller said forward Detwon Rogers might be available to play in five to seven days.

1/14/15 — Rogers is in uniform for the La Salle game, does not see game action.

1/16/15 — Archie Miller said junior forward Detwon Rogers hasn’t had enough practice time to play, but could still see action at some point this season.


RogersHasn’t had enough practice time to play?? Does that make any sense to anyone? You would think a team that has been reduced to a rotation of six scholarship players (no offense, Wehrli Bird) could find some time for Rogers during any of the five blowout victories the Flyers have enjoyed to open their conference slate. In fact, those would be the PERFECT situation to get someone in Rogers’ situation some court time, would they not?

Prior to the Saint Bonaventure game, Miller stated that the junior forward might be available to play “in five to seven days.” Certainly an indication that Rogers’ knee issues have subsided enough to garner possible game action (in fact, he was in uniform for the La Salle game on January 14th).

Now? Archie’s excuse has shifted from an indefinite injury-related line of shit to one that claims Rogers “hasn’t had enough practice to play.” Which, as I previously mentioned, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense given UD’s lack of players. 

So my theory, which I believe others have forwarded, is simple: Detwon Rogers didn’t earn good enough grades to remain eligible for the Spring semester.

Given the deluge of negative news that has emanated from UD over the past few years (which includes a “student” that had no chance of qualifying academically already sitting out the current season), Dayton’s administration did not want to risk yet another black eye for the program. The PR strategy is to supply Jablonski, et al., with vague updates on Rogers’ situation throughout the rest of the season, with no intention of issuing a declarative statement until it becomes obvious he will never see playing time this season (my best guess is that Archie will tell the media that Rogers re-aggravated his knee injury or something along those lines). 

There is one last possible wrinkle to the story, as the last day to change fall grades, Monday, the 26th of January, is rapidly approaching. If grades are in fact the issue, maybe Archie is simply relying on a professor, a friend of the program, to help out with Rogers’ eligibility matter. After next Monday, the grades are set in stone and what is done is done.

However, if a professor, a friend of the program, were able to assist with Rogers’ circumstance, he would be eligible to play at UMass on Thursday, January 29th. My best guess is that if Rogers is not suited up and ready to go against the Minutemen, we will never see him on the court this season.  

Again, this is pure, unadulterated speculation. People have been asking/talking about Rogers’ current standing and I thought I’d take a stab at what would seem to be the most likely explanation. I hope I’m wrong and everything is on the up and up. But then again, this is Dayton basketball. Expect the unexpected.

[title type=”fancy-h3″ color=””]Overview[/title]

Not much was expected out of Davidson this season, their first in the Atlantic Ten. The Wildcats were picked to finish 12th in the league, returning just two starters from last season’s senior-laden 20-13 team. Davidson has exceeded everyone’s assumptions thus far, one of the A10’s surprise teams this season, currently fourth place in the league.

The Wildcats opened up with some impressive wins in conference play before last weekend’s twenty-six point drubbing at Richmond. A win against Dayton would be Davidson’s first RPI Top 50 victory this season — having previously lost to Virginia, VCU and North Carolina in their other top fifty matchups.

Davidson is one of, if not the, best offensive teams in the Atlantic Ten. They currently lead the league in field-goal shooting (47.4%), three-point percentage (39.4%), points-per-possession (1.15) and free-throw shooting (74.6%). The Cats are the conference’s top rebounding team as well, pulling down 35 boards per game. They run a quick tempo offense predicated on quick shots and lots of possessions — Davidson is scoring an impressive 82.4 points per game, good for 8th in the nation.


[row] [column size=”col-3″]

Tyler Kalinoski • G (6’4″/180) • Sr.
16.4 ppg, 5.9 rpg, 3.9 apg, 86% ft, 42% 3fg

We obviously knew nothing about Kalinoski coming into the season, but the kid can ball.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Brian Sullivan • G (5’11″/175) • Jr.
10.6 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 3.3 apg

Sullivan smiles uncontrollably right before he shoots, it makes him easier to defend.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Jack Gibbs • G (5’11″/195) • So.
15.8 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 4.9 apg, 91% ft, 41% 3fg

Gibbs does too much for the Wildcats, he needs to relax a bit.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Peyton Aldridge • F (6’7″/205) • Fr.
10.1 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 39% 3fg

Second Peyton UD has faced this season, the Manning influence knows no bounds.

[/column] [/row] [row] [column size=”col-3″]

Jake Belford • F (6’9″/210) • Jr.
7.5 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 2.2 apg

I have a sneaking suspicion this was a nine-foot rim.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Oskar Michelsen • F (6’9″/210) • Fr.
6.3 ppg, 2.2 rpg, 43% 3fg

From Finland, a catch and shoot player with good size.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Jordan Barham • G (6’4″/190) • Jr.
10.7 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 63% fg

His tattoo made Davidson’s admins very nervous.

[/column] [column size=”col-3″]

Nathan Ekwu • F (6’7″/235) • Fr.
4.4 ppg, 4.3 rpg

Freshman from the Bronx, a work in progress.

[/column] [/row] [title type=”fancy-h3″ color=””]Numbers Game[/title]


[fullwidth_section text_color=”dark” background_type=”color” bg_color=”#C4D8E2″] [spacer height=”10″] [title type=”fancy-h3″ color=””]Prediction[/title]

I’ve decided that I’m going to keep riding the Flyers for the foreseeable future. UD goes into Davidson for the first time and comes out victorious, 77-71. Detwon Rogers does not travel with the team, opting to (ahem) rehab his knee instead.



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