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Enter the A10 Eliminator


a10bracketAfter what seems like ages, the Flyers are once again ready to slide their jockstraps slowly, sensuously, over their taut and wanting thighs. Dayton will face off against the Bonnies of St. Bonaventure for the third time this season, UD having won the first two meetings by an average margin of 15.5 points.

There are plenty of cliched sportz takes to churn out for this matchup: (1) Is Dayton at a disadvantage considering St. Bonnie has already played — and is thereby “warm” — while Dayton has been living the life of Riley? (2) We’ve been told how tough it is to beat a team three times in one season, so obviously this old chestnut applies to tonight’s game as well. (3) Lastly, the assumption is that Archie Miller and Co. are a dead lock for the NCAA Tournament. The Bonnies? Not so much. Accordingly, St. Bonaventure has everything to play for and Dayton is really just out there battling for a seed.

Speaking of seeds, here’s my best guess as to where UD ends up depending on the results from Brooklyn this week:

Lose to St. Bonaventure: 10 seed
Lose in semis: 8/9 seed
Lose in finals: 8/9 seed
Win….the….whole….fucking thing: 7 seed

So, maybe we don’t get too upset if Dayton lays an egg tonight? I’m making the case that winning the A10 tournament or being upset tomorrow essentially puts UD in the same place — the 7/10 game. What would be the harm in washing out early, heading back to the City of Gems and resting up? There’s no glory in winning the Atlantic Ten Championship, none. As current State Champs of Ohio and holders of the Arch Baron Cup, I’m not sure additional platitudes will do anything for us emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way advocating that the Flyers throw this game. But I’m also not not advocating they throw the game either.

As for today’s opponents, the Bonnies are hot, scalding hot. Winners of four in a row, St. Bonnie is riding the Momentum Train, hoping to extend their season by at least one more day. St. Bona’s foursome of Dion Wright, Marcus Posley, Andell Cumberbatch and Yousou Ndoye have been playing extended minutes over the past five games, providing consistent production over the tail end of the season (sidenote: if you get a chance to see Head Coach Mark Schmidt talk on camera today, tell me what’s going on with his teeth, are those dentures?)

I’m ready to move on, let’s just get this season over with and move onto the fun stuff — coaching rumors regarding Archie.


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