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Dayton Last Team In, FlyerNation in Shock


It’s pure disrespect, no other way to put it. To place a 25 win team, with a 28 RPI, into the First Four is a complete slap in the face. This would not happen to teams like Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana or Ohio State. There would certainly be a lot more blowback than the committee is facing right now.


You can certainly make an argument that Dayton deserved a 10 seed, I’ll buy into that. The Flyers lack the type of signature wins that garner respect from objective observers, we should collectively concede that. However, to learn that the committee chose UD as the last team in the field is beyond shocking. There’s no logical explanation for how that happened. I looked away from the TV after they announced Providence as the six seed because I didn’t think there was a chance in hell the Flyers would slip all the way to a play-in game. Then, to learn that UD would have been shut out completely if UConn upset SMU in the American final? Absolutely gobsmacked. 

Let’s focus on the silver lining here, what’s done is done. 

Archie a few minutes after the Selection Show.

Archie a few minutes after the Selection Show.

(1) The Flyers get one more game in the Sweater Centre, where 13,000 people will converge and be LOWDER than you’ve ever heard the Decibel Dungeon

(2) A win against Boise State on Wednesday night puts UD in Columbus against Providence. A virtual home game against a team that Dayton matches us very well against. 

(3) Oklahoma, the three seed, doesn’t scare me. And I scare very easily. Dayton’s path to the Sweet 16 is much either as an eleven seed than a 7/10 or 8/9. Sure, it would mean winning three games in the span of five days, but that’s the hand the Flyers were dealt.

Had a loyal reader watch the Selection Show tonight in at Burke’s, a restaurant 15 miles outside of NYC in Yonkers with the Cagers. Some quick takes:

  • “At first they were all kinda shocked.”
  • “They seemed to loosen up when they realized it was a home game”
  • “Morgan was the only one cheering.”
  • “I’m sure Archie was pissed but he didn’t let on.”
  • “I started yelling 17-0 and I think freaked them out.”
  • “Dr Dan was steamed.”
  • “The highlight was when a former player (assume so, he was tall as shit) and the only other stalker went to take a leak and his kids started to fight each other until he came back.”
  • “Pollard carries himself like he’s playing at UK, if that makes any sense.”
  • “When they announced NC State, everyone thought UD was their opponent, the air came out of the room when the true reveal came out.”

I realize that Archie is a unassuming guy, but I really wish he came a little harder than this when discussing UD’s selection to the play-in game:

“Usually in the NCAA tournament, you’re on a bus or a plane, and you’re ready to get shipped off. This is a unique one,” UD coach Archie Miller said. “Us being in our arena, it’s going to be interesting to see how it all works out.

“But back-to-back NCAA tournaments is what it’s about. It’s an awesome opportunity for our program. I’m really happy for this team in general for what they’ve been doing all season to be back in the tournament.”

Too diplomatic for my blood, Archie.


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