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Bobby’s Furled

The off-season turns this site into a barren wasteland of filth and mirth. We don’t do recruiting updates here (the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing middle-aged men that they should pay money to track the evolving whims of seventeen year-old black boys) and unless there are transfers or arrests to report on, the Blackburn Review ostensibly ceases to exist — which is fine with me, because the relentless rough-and-tumble life of a mid-major college basketball blogger takes a toll. 

However, we do commonly attempt to discuss some of the issues the Flyers face heading into the summer each season. Obviously, there is much to anticipate next year, as the Flyers return everyone except Jordan Sibert and bring in a recruiting class that ensures UD’s lack of depth will be a one-season phenomenon (throw in Charles Cooke and the Profezzor and the Flyers could legitimately go ten deep). 

As proof of our lack of things to talk about, I’m going to briefly discuss what this roster turnover will mean for everyone’s favorite volleyball player, Bobby Wehrli.

wehrliiiiiiThe Wehrli Bird had a precipitous rise to relevancy, as roster…issues…absolutely decimated UD’s lineup just a month or so into the season. The walkon went from casual observer to playing 36 minutes in the Flyers’ three NCAA Tournament games. It was a feel good story, one that the media repeated ad nauseam during the latter half of the season. He was the unexpected dollop of whipped cream on a chocolate cake. And now it all comes to an end.

With the influx of players next season, it’s very likely Bobby Wehrli will be relegated to mop-up duty, only seeing court time after the Flyers deliver a pink-socking to a directional Michigan. 

Wehrli will be a senior next season, and unless a scholarship offer is forthcoming (and as much as I like the idea of Bobby, I hope that isn’t a possibility) I can’t see his motivation for being a member of the basketball team next season. After grasping the golden ring this past year, no one wants to see the 6’6″ forward rot away on the end of the bench. Not me, not you, not the Sweater Nation.

Bobby, I’m speaking to you directly. Don’t spend your final year at UD getting up early, lifting weights, going to practice and running with the scout team. You’ve already reached your apex, you have stories for the grandkids, it’s all downhill from here. While the rest of your peers are sitting on the couch in boxer briefs, eating burritos out of each hand, you’ll be on a flight to Olean. Instead of being remembered as the guy with the impressive tip-in against Providence in the NCAA Tournament, you’re going to be the known as the guy who sits next to the kid with the scandalously thick eyebrows. It will be an abrupt, yet wholly predictable, fall.

This post was meant to serve as a beacon of sanity, a lighthouse in a murky sky. Don’t do it, Wehrli Bird. Walk away. Let us remember you as you were, #22 in our programs, #7 in our hearts.



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