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The Other Shoe Drops

As expected, Dyshawn Pierre went ahead and got all litigious on the ol’ U of D.

From the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network:

Dayton senior Dyshawn Pierre, who was suspended by the school for the first semester after a sexual assault accusation, is suing the school.

His lawyer, Peter R. Ginsberg, released a statement to ESPN on Wednesday saying his client intends to sue the school and fight the ruling due to a “fundamentally unfair and defective internal process that deprived him of vital rights and protections and has resulted in a disruption in his education, a drastic blow to his reputation, and a potentially fatal interference with his dream to bring a national basketball championship to Dayton.” The school investigated an allegation of a sexual assault that was said to have happened April 23 and was reported in May, the Dayton Daily News reported. The Montgomery County, Ohio, prosecutor’s office declined to press charges “due to insufficient evidence,” the newspaper reported.Jeff Goodman,

Wait — did Ginsberg mention a national championship? No one told me a national championship was on the line. This changes everything.

Dyshawn released a statement as well, sounding eloquent and determined.

[su_testimonial name=”Dyshawn Pierre” photo=”” company=”Former UD Baller/Cocksman” url=””]”What has been done to me has been grossly unfair. The allegations against me are false,” Pierre said. “And now I find myself with my reputation tarnished, my schooling interrupted and my dream of helping the basketball team win a national championship being threatened. I want justice, and I want a return to my normal life.”[/su_testimonial]

You know there’s no way Pierre wanted the “win a national championship” line in his personal statement. His attorney had to convince him to keep it in  — “It sings, baby! It jumps right off the page, bubbe!”

Last, but not least, we got this numb nuts tweeting out the following on Dyshawn’s future aspirations:

So what we got here is a three-ring circus with plenty of moving parts. This much seems certain — Dyshawn Pierre will never again sport the red and blue. We will not see him lead the Flyers to victory from this point forward. The roar of the Decibel Dungeon as the Sweater Nation rises, unified in the pursuit of LOWD, will be a distant memory for Mr. Pierre, as the Canadian will take his basketball talents (and schooling pursuits) elsewhere. His days as a Gem City Cager, over.

Now we just wait for UD to either release a ridiculous statement in response to today’s headlines or file a motion to dismiss. Hopefully both. This story isn’t going away anytime soon.

If you are interested, here is the statement Ginsberg released earlier today:



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