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Curry Will Maintain His Game Despite Durant’s Arrival

Stephen Curry’s dominance in the NBA will be challenged by the veteran player Kevin Durant, who is a prolific scorer on the floor and who has proved to be one of the most gifted contenders for the Most Valuable Player crown. In a recent interview, Curry maintained that he welcomes Durant in the squad wholeheartedly, but he will not have to change his game with the Golden State Warriors in a bid to provide accommodations for the newest forward as NBA betting picks zero in on the upcoming season.

No Individual Game Changes

According to Curry, nothing will change when it comes to his game, he told ESPN. The point guard added that he has no plans of making any sacrifices at the expense of his game strategies while playing alongside Durant in the forthcoming 2016-17 NBA season. In a deeper perspective, the two-time NBA MVP was simply saying that even though Durant has joined the GSW, his individual game will not change in any way unless for the betterment of the team. However, Curry accepted that the inclusion of Durant in the squad would demand some critical amendments when it comes to teamwork as well as in-game flow and teamwork. On the other hand, he stressed that all GSW players should maintain their game or even play better than they used to prior to the changes.

kevin-durant-warriors-getty-ftr-070916_1etr4rd83ynuszw6p23dhd6egThe Durant Effect in GSW

Immediately Durant departed from the Oklahoma City after sealing a lucrative deal with the Warriors, the deal kindled several debates as well as criticisms in the course of the offseason. As stated by USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt, the inclusion of Kevin Durant to the championship-winning GSW would seal their dominance in the West. Furthermore, he stressed that the warriors is a dynasty team in the making because it has big names, such as Curry and Durant, along with All-Star veterans, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

However, the Warriors general manager, Bob Myers, has a different perspective considering his last week’s comments to KNBR’s “Murph & Mac”. He stated that even though the warriors bought Durant, other teams can still manage to beat them because building chemistry in a team demands some time. He predicted that since GSW lost some players and added Durant, their chemistry will experience some disorder next season.

Curry vs. Durant

In the history of the NBA, Curry is well-thought-out as one of the greatest shooters, whereas Durant has been a four-time scoring champ and both player played to attain some remarkable records in the 2015-16 season. Even after clinching the MVP awards twice consecutively, Curry also attained the highest record in his 7-year NBA career by averaging 30.1, 6.7 and 5.4 in points, assists, and rebounds respectively. Furthermore, the Thunders had Durant as the leading scorer averaging 28.2, 5.0, and 8.2 in points, assists and rebounds respectively.

Durant remains the highest paid player in the NBA following his move to the Warriors. His basic salary next season stands at $26,540,100 as a portion of his two-year deal amounting to $54,274,505. Even though the warriors is the team with the lowest income in the franchise, Curry will remain the NBA All-Star player. Prior to becoming a free agent next summer, his basic salary will be $12,112,359.



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