U. Dayton BasketballSLU Reveals New Game Plan After Last Year’s Arch Baron Cup

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Some players come to Dayton to play in front of a LOWD Sweater Center every night. Others come with hopes of cutting down the nets after (non-shared) A10 Championships. Some come with dreams of victories in March, or the rare chance to play at the game’s professional levels. But any real Dayton basketball fan will tell you this: respect and glory is only earned by winning the Arch Baron Cup.

The Arch Baron Cup stems from a tale nearly as old as the game itself and is composed of the two UD vs. Saint Louis games each year. In recent years the ABC has torn families apart, ruined marriages, and allegedly drove one man to live alone in a shack beneath the Stewart Street Bridge. Unfortunately due to construction, he was forced to move out of said shack and currently resides in a drain pipe off Irving Road.  But I digress.

Last year the Mighty Daytona Fliers swept both rounds of the ABC, leaving Saint Louis basketball with a long summer to mull things over. Their scouts went scouting. Their new coaches went coaching. And yesterday, after many months of wondering what they would do to prepare for this year’s battle with the Red and Blue, they finally showed their cards: straight up psychological warfare.

At first glance I was certain I’d have nightmares for months to come. Their fanbase had opinions:

They call it a “modernized Billiken”. On behalf of mankind, thank you for modernizing this monster. I gotta tip my cap for SLU trying to scare the pants off our guys, but don’t they know we’ve literally been there done that already?

And credit to them if they thought they could use this to scare us fans away. You kidding me? After the second round of the ABC in Saint Louis last year, which I still believe to be the worst game of basketball ever played, our eyes and stomachs are hardened, battle-tested and scared-proof. Can’t do it.

Or dare I say they thought they could get into the genius mind of Archie Miller? To try and throw off his game plan and insane intensity during games? Apparently they’re not privy to the fact that this is a man who holds team watch parties in his dark basement. A man who bumps Alice In Chains on the reg. To quote the song Rooster, you “ain’t found a way to kill me yet”. Nice try indeed.

So with that, we conclude this September mid-major Dayton Hoops blog with a slow golf clap to our opponents to the south. I’ll bet Scoochie is sitting home right now polishing his TWO Harewood Horse Trophies from last year. We’ll see ya in a few months.image


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Tom Blackburn
Solid Contributor

Never thought I’d see Crying Jordan on this site…


There is something eerily resembling the Burger King King about this new Bilikin. And what the hell is the half and half thing? Not even school colors half and half. Is it some sort of politically correct Bilikin? And the poor thing has an eye infection to boot. This guy makes Rudy look GOOD!


Bro flyerfaithful already got you beat