U. Dayton BasketballIt’s Official, UD Won’t Go Greek This Season

It’s official, Kostas Antetokounmpo, better known as the Greek Freak’s younger brother, will not be wearing Flyer red and blue this season. Believe it or not, the NCAA took issue with Antetokounmpo’s admittedly sketchy academic record.  Kostas was schooled in Africa until his sophomore year of high school, which is going to raise red flags instantaneously in Indianapolis. Apparently attending a school that doubled as a billiards hall during the evening led the NCAA to investigate his academic background with extreme scrutiny and in the end the University of Dayton came up losers.

As a “partial qualifier” Antetokounmpo will have all the privileges of a regular college student, which includes white poison, just not the opportunity to perform the one duty he actually came to Dayton to pursue. (I never understood this term, how do you “partially” qualify and then end up enrolled in a college or university anyway? To be fair, I’ve been “partially” qualified for every job I ever had, so perhaps I shouldn’t throw stones). Kostas is permitted to begin practicing with the team at the start of the school’s second semester, if he so chooses.

It bears repeating that Archie Miller is a fucking coaching outlaw. He’s a risk-inclined man that has tried to take in more troubled black male teenagers than Jeffrey Dahmer — often with similar results. Kostas Antetokounmpo, Steve McElvene and Detwon Rogers were players with questionable academics profiles that Miller nonetheless rolled the dice on. When you consider that Archie certainly put his neck on the line in allowing Dyshawn Pierre and Matt Kavanaugh to return to the program after sexual assault accusations, it’s abundantly evident that our guy likes to play things fast and loose. (This is one of the few times being a mid-major program, out of the burning spotlight of the media, was advantageous. I can’t imagine a school like Kentucky or UCLA could have seamlessly readmitted Pierre and Kav after their alleged indiscretions, not in this current climate of “rape culture” hysteria).

kostaThe NCAA’s decision leaves Antetokounmpo with plenty of opportunities and divergent paths for his future. He is the rare 18 year old with a cavalcade of both academic and financial options. For starters, he could choose to stay in the Gem City, begin work on his Discover Arts degree and gain the necessary weight that will surely be added during the upcoming Midwestern winter. Kostas could return next season, four years of eligibility intact, hungry to feast on mid-major opposition.

Antetokounmpo could also completely abandon ship, head back to Milwaukee to live off his brother’s payroll and re-open his recruitment. This “gap year” would allow him to work on his game without the tortious interference that is American academia. In addition, his NBA2K skills would no doubt be sharp and he could live the life of luxury that comes with riding your rich brother’s coattails. Personally, I would saunter down this road if I had Kostas’ opportunities.

The last option might be the most attractive for Mr. Antetokounmpo. He has repeatedly voiced his intent to play in the NBA as soon as possible (which makes his enrollment at UD even more of a head-scratcher) in order to receive just compensated for his labor. With that in mind, his most desirable route may be to forget about college altogether, head over to Greece (which has one of the most competitively, and economically, rewarding pro leagues in Europe) and start his professional career immediately. Playing overseas would have the dual advantage of (a) getting paid to ball and (b) building a resume against competition that is superior to the Atlantic Ten. Both positives in my book.

Whatever Antetokounmpo chooses to do, it clearly won’t have an effect on Dayton’s hopes this season. The Flyers must move on and prepare for a year with depleted depth in the frontcourt. With Antetokounmpo out of the picture, the onus falls squarely on Kendall Pollard and Josh Cunningham to provide UD with improved production up front.

Tom Blackburn

Tom Blackburn is a proud U. o' D. alum. He loses faith in humanity one day at a time, but not in you, you seem like you are all kinds of alright. Charter member of the T-Man fanclub.


  • John Deere

    October 4, 2016 at 8:24 AM

    Mr. Blackburn, a few follow up points from my uneducated (basketball knowledge, not UD Diploma) perspective. Archie is simply following the Xavier model. His brother learned it from Thad and was kind enough to share with his younger brother. We trashed our Norwood satellite campus team while they were making consecutive NCAA appearances, but embrace the model now. It took Wabler far too long to understand the model.

    In regards to front court depth. Kostas wasn’t going to help in the post. Archie kinda likes the playing short handed narrative anyways. It has a positive impact to his E-Trade account when he schools a couple of over rated P5 coaches in the dance. We love it. Neil gets some more coin from rich boosters to pay for Archie’s extension. It works for all of us. Don’t forget that there is a possibility that Sam may realize he is playing men’s basketball this year.

    Are you sure that Kostas is good enough to play at the high level in Greece? His four stars are based solely on upside as the gurus call it. His ineligibility can’t be a surprise to the program.


    • Tom Blackburn

      October 4, 2016 at 12:59 PM

      Kostas Antetokounmpo played on the Greek U20 team, would definetely find a spot on a roster in Greece. He’s not Emmanuel Mudiay, not gonna go overseas for one year and be in the NBA the next.


      • John Deere

        October 4, 2016 at 7:31 PM

        Blackburn, he was hurt. He didn’t play many minutes.


  • Anonymous

    October 4, 2016 at 2:07 PM

    To quote the wisest talent college has ever produced “…we ain’t come here to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS”

    Gem City Gyro hits the road forsure.


  • Jersey

    October 4, 2016 at 10:33 PM

    I hope no one reads him this post.


    • Jersey

      October 4, 2016 at 10:34 PM

      “to him”. Forgot to add that part to the end.


  • The Kman

    October 6, 2016 at 9:37 AM

    On the positive side, the KU food court is now offering various flavors of hummus. At least the tribal counsel is over and Jeff Probst has performed his annual duty of voting one of our players off the island. Credit Archie for getting this out of the way early. Side note…. has Detwon Rogers provided any students an update on his knee at Tim’s quarter draft night lately or is he still riding the electric scooter at scary Kroger?


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