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With the Thanksgiving spirit lingering like a Sunday morning fart, here’s three things I’m thankful for after last night’s game. I’m thankful I don’t have to start off talking about Dayton being down 10 points after the first four minutes. I’m thankful we avoided a three-game losing streak, which would have been our first in 34 damn months. And, finally, I’m thankful our next game is against New Mexico at 2pm tomorrow, meaning I don’t have to watch the Cleveland Browns play football.15138377_10154804016402372_4990552938428613104_oOur boys went up against Portland with a little fire up under that ass and come out on top, 84-74. Everyone with half a brain knows the game following a nasty loss is big, and while we’re still light years away from a championship-caliber team, this one had more good than bad.

Nothing in last night’s game made me want to throw a beer at the TV (except for those announcers, Jesus). The first 8 minutes were both impressive and confusing. Sam Miller blocked a shot down low. It had to be accidental, but it still happened. Next up was our boy DURRELL, whose first launch from behind the arch actually went through the basket. Even had the X-Man crashing the glass and grabbing himself some boards. Dayton went 7-12 for three’s in the first half with Miller and Scooch combining for 5-7 of them. Portland went 10/10 from the charity stripe versus our 1 for 3, which kept them within arms reach for a good part. Dayton was on cruise control until the media timeout with seven minutes left in the half, up 38-22. Thanks to some straight up SLOP on Dayton’s part, Portland finished on a 9-0 run and we went into the locker room only up 38-31.

Portland came out after the half still riding that momentum and scored a few more buckets to cut the lead to 3, but that’s as close as it got. Bare with me as I repeat a question I ask every single game: can Dayton ever savor a good play for more than 3 seconds? I mean Jesus, just one time for me guys. Seems that every big three-ball or perfect dish that results in points is followed by an immediate three from the other team. This is a main reason why we can’t sustain big leads or hold momentum for more than half a game. Not going to get all Negative Nancy on a game I enjoyed watching, but I hope this doesn’t become a trend all year.kdavisportLast night was a vintage performance in more ways than one. The ball movement was outstanding. We were banging in points from the paint and managed to shoot a respectful 10/22 three-pointers. Kyle Davis went back to his trademark “drive to the hole without any regard for his own life” style of play, which got him a season-high 14 points. Five of our boys finished with double digits in the scoring column: Cooke leading the way with 20, Scoochie (17), Kyle (14), Miller (10), and X Man off the bench with 14. Credit where due, Portland’s Alex Wintering played his ass off and knocked in 31 points, with 15 from the free-throw line and 8 assists. He also contributed to our effort by donating 8 don’t want to beat a dead horse all year long, but we GOTTA get more out of Mikesell and Crosby. Mikesell started and played 28 minutes but only contributed 3 points. He chipped in 3 rebounds/3 assists and a block, but we need more come January. Crosby’s 13 minutes produced 0 points, one rebound and one assist. On a brighter note, hats off to Xeyrius “X Man” Williams who came off the bench and tossed up consecutive double-digit games. I’m slowly starting to get more and more excited when X checks in which is a complete 180 from last season (or last week).

Today the boys have a day off and I’m told may be visiting Disneyland after watching the OSU/Michigan game. God Bless & see ya tomorrow.



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