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Podcast: Not That St. Joe’s

The boyz catch up on the previous four games and take a quick look at the week ahead. Is Charles Cooke the best pure scorer Dayton has had in its modern era? Kendall Pollard has made a triumphant return, and the gentlemen have some takes. Were we wrong about the X-Man? Are we ever right?

The talk then turns to UD’s scheduling philosophy — why can’t the Flyers suck it up and go on the road? Donny has a fond memory of games past…

The College Football Playoff dominates the discussion next. Blackburn has complaints and tangents on the subject. More questions than answers, as usual. One thing is fo’ sho’ — get rid of conference championship games and let’s go to eight already. Predictions for the Playoff are made.

Amy Schumer is apparently going to be in a Barbie movie. This brings up a debate: what are the worst casting decisions in regards to leading women as the main love interest? Donny lists his top five and someone omits Lori Petty in Point Break.

Robert Palmer is more than “Addicted to Love,” and the outro proves it.

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