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Just Another Trey

So you thought Trey Landers stay glued to the bench last year, huh? Well do I have a video for you!

Did you see that sick layup when UD was up 27 at St Louis?!

What about that monster jam when the Flyers were spanking Duquesne by 32? Electric! AND THE HIGHLIGHTS DON’T STOP THERE!

Who could forget the baseline lay-in on opening night up 28! Chills.

And if you thought Trey was one-dimensional…wrong! Just check out that put back/and-1 with a 27-point lead against a school that doesn’t even exist anymore. Proof is right there!

I re-lived that step back long ball against VMI in this video too, almost shit myself. What a moment.

Did I mention the SLU game?! Man, the SLU game. A few plays before that sick layup, Trey drew a foul! You can’t teach that shit, safe to say this guy is a real student of the game.

If you’re not rock hard by this point in the article, we got more from the St Joseph’s College game. Look at Trey get down the floor! That’s all instincts.

YOU THOUGHT THAT WAS ALL FROM THE SLU GAME?!?! Hell nah. Historians would later say this was the greatest three possessions ever put together consecutively in the history of Dayton basketball. (Still trying to figure out if the UD media department didn’t know these were all from the same game or wanted you to think they were from different games.)

Either way, as you can see, Trey had a year chock full of blockbuster moments of hoops-doing. Star in the making? I think so.

Filed into the overstuffed folder of “Bullshit Archie said to the media” was this article last season from Jablo:

“As he continues to develop within what we’re doing, you can tell he’s a competitive kid. He’s a physical kid. He’s going to bring a style we’re accustomed to seeing in our wing guys.” — Archie Miller

He was? Well…I think the 52 minutes of PT last year speak for themselves. There are numerous empty and meaningless statements from our former head honcho, but this one stands alone. It literally means nothing.

If he was such a “pleasant surprise” why exactly did his ass stay super-glued to the bench the entire season? Why wasn’t Trey redshirted? If I’m excited for anything this season, it’s not having to sift through the gigantic mountain of bullshit our coach fed the media to find what’s actually true.

Is Trey Landers a good hoops-doer? Maybe!

Is Trey Landers a bad hoops-doer? Maybe!

Do you know anything about what he’s going to bring to the team this year? Surely not.

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  1. BIG UD FAN #1

    December 3, 2019 at 5:42 PM

    très bien-ched


  2. Deshwn

    December 3, 2019 at 5:42 PM

    Insightful reading!! Really did some homework for this POS. Keep your day job, assuming its manual labor, you clearly are not very good at this.

  3. BIG UD FAN #1

    October 25, 2017 at 2:24 PM

    très bien-ched


  4. Deshwn

    October 25, 2017 at 5:47 PM

    Insightful reading!! Really did some homework for this POS. Keep your day job, assuming its manual labor, you clearly are not very good at this.

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