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We are all Chang.

Well how about that shit, huh? The first, full, 40-minute basketball-doing effort by the young students from the University of Dayton. We talked all day long about how St. Bonaventure opening as a 2-point favorite was insane, but unfortunately, we don’t know shit. Vegas knows all. Since I have been doing a lot of yapping on the site recently, and wasn’t willing to drive 4.5 hours on a Wednesday afternoon to be in Dayton for the game, I crowdsourced the recap for last night’s game to our friend Drew Westerheide. Jablo also posted interviews with a handful of players on DDN if you wanna head over there real quick, it’s his job, after all.

Thanks to Drew for providing insights into the game last night, (and I guess I gotta thank Matt Allaire for gifs and stuff) I can’t do it all, people:

When I walked into UD arena for the tilt against the Bonnies, I didn’t really know what to expect, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Flyers showed up and gave the Bonnies all they could handle, I also envisioned a game where Jaylen Adams and Matt Mobley made everything they looked at and ran the Flyers off the floor. Of the scenarios I had in my head, Dayton winning by double digits, having a lead as big as 18, and the Bonnies never getting within 7 after the 15 minute mark of the 1st half was not one of them. The Flyers finally put their best 40 minutes of the season together tonight and had several guys who offered key contributions throughout the game. Trey Landers played by far his best game in a Dayton uniform, finishing with a career high 17 points, 5 rebounds, 4 blocks, 3 steals, 1 assist on 6-8 shooting, and his contributions went way beyond the box score. Landers was everywhere tonight defensively. Getting into passing lanes, getting deflections and causing all kinds of chaos on defense. The Bona defenders just looked annoyed with Landers all evening and that is what he needs to do. DURRELL was red hot in the first half scoring 14 points, including 4-for-6 from the 3-point line. He also iced the game down the stretch by going a perfect 10 for 10 from line, finishing with 28 points on the evening. It has been said before but this team will go as DURRELL goes.

It’s funny to say this when DURRELL scored 28, but the game was all about Landers and Davis last night. I was also impressed with the play of Jalen Crutcher and Kostas. Crutcher had a 5-minute span in the 2nd half where he scored 7 of his 12 points on some big baskets to keep the Bonnies at bay. Jalen also dished out 6 assists while only having 2 turnovers in 36 minutes of floor time. For comparisons sake: John Crosby, who returned to the floor tonight after missing Saturday’s game, had 2 turnovers in 4 minutes of floor time. Kostas played 19 minutes, chipped in 8 points, 5 rebounds, and only 2 fouls!! Kostas has also impressed me with his passing ability this year notching himself 2 assists on some nice backdoor passes to Landers and Durrell. Big Josh had a relatively quiet night, finishing with 10 points and 6 boards on 4-5 shooting, I still think he doesn’t touch the ball nearly enough in the flow of the offense but all in all a solid outing for the big fella.

Now it wasn’t perfect, far from it, Dayton still had times where the offense got stagnant, had dumb fouls, played lazy defense, took bad shots and had 18 turnovers, but you are going to have that with a young team. The X-man still looks like his talent got stolen by the Monstars, (editors note: What the hell happened to X?) Jordan Davis struggled from the field for the 2nd straight game going just 1-5, Crosby only saw the floor for a short period of time and Svoboda won’t even need to send his jersey to the laundry team, just put that thing back in the box for the next game. Good thinking Anthony, no need to get his jersey dirty on this night.

The Bonnies were also far from how good they have been this year, shooting just below 40% from the field, 32% from 3 and 63% from the FT line. The “Top 10 backcourt in the country” of Adams and Mobley who coming into the contest were averaging close to 40 points a game combined for 39 on 10-30 shooting. Adams especially struggled tonight getting 8 of his 15 points from the line and the only three he made was a late three with the game in hand. Also, while he finished with 24, Mobley got into early foul trouble and had a big goose egg in the first half. Only one other Bonnie scored in double figures, which frankly was the key to the game for the Flyers. When you are able to limit the scoring opportunities of Jay Adams, this Bonnies team is extremely beatable.

Lastly, I want to do some talking about Anthony Grant. A number of the sweaters have been unhappy with AG and some of it has been warranted, but I thought tonight he did a good job of sticking with his rotations, and did a good job of switching defenses from man to man to a 1-3-1 zone, (thank god we didn’t play any 2-3 zone) the constant switching seemed to give Adams and Mobley trouble. The offense flowed a little bit better tonight as well, getting out on the break a little more, and it showed with the Flyers shooting 55% from the field. There were still times where it broke down but the good moments outweighed the bad, and with this team that is all we can ask for right now.

It’s important to have other opinions, we are a blog for the fans by the fans, after all. Thanks again to Drew for providing his insight on the game. There is plenty of momentum now for the Flyers to carry into a VERY winnable basketball on Saturday afternoon against the Minutemen of Umass, who are coming off a brutal OT loss to George Mason at home. Blackburn will have the recon for you in the waning days, but in the mean time I caught up with my good twitter friends (and Umass diehards) @currysagehicks and @acallagy to discuss the matchup, as well as some of the differences between our fanbases. I even got to drop a nugget about the Dayton Dragons! You can find the podcast under “Episode 11” on SoundCloud below:

Errors: I incorrectly forgot to mention that Allen Griffin was the coach from UD to go to Syracuse.

Notes: We recorded before the Bonnies game, and I mentioned that The Arena would be LOWD if we carried a win into Saturday, don’t let me down.

Bring your best LOWD pants to The Arena on Saturday, I heard from good sources that The Decibel Dungeon was too damn quiet last night. Hope springs eternal.

I’m Chang. #ImChang


The LOWD ambassador of Chicago, Sully has spent his life tirelessly watching UD hoops. Welcomer of all takes, hot and cold.


  • k.lew

    January 4, 2018 at 3:22 PM

    Really good recap – I agree with basically every comment. Being in the arena and watching it live, it did seem like Trey Landers was making an impact…but looking at the stat line really drove home how important he was.

    It did seem like Grant let guys gel more too.

    As for the arena LOWDness – maybe it was just this game, but it seemed like the same old LOWD to me.

    I was riding a shuttle to the game and a guy behind me was grumbling about how in Olean, NY they call the Dayton game “UD Arena East” because of how well we travel.


    • Sully

      January 4, 2018 at 3:31 PM

      I just researched this and we actually have never written a bad recap.


  • Matt T

    January 4, 2018 at 4:25 PM

    I’d like to see Kostas receive some entry passes into the high post at the elbow (vs. receiving the ball beyond the arc, which seems to happen far too often)…where he can either spin move to the basket, pass to a cutter, or kick to an open 3 point shooter….have him and coach Grant look at Dyshawn Pierre footage for a model on how to execute….and yes, Josh is crafty enough to post up in the low block against bigger players and still find a way to score from there. Archie’s teams would have success vs. zones by often having his forwards flash to seems in the zone near the elbow area….which I’ve yet to see happen on this team


  • UDPride Bot

    January 4, 2018 at 5:00 PM

    With this win and our SOS I am betting we are in the “Last 4 In” in Lunardi’s next bracketology.


  • The Legend of Cane Balboa

    January 5, 2018 at 11:14 AM

    There was a rumor that Big OSU Lineman Robert Landers was in the house……maybe he threatened to squish younger smaller brother Trey if he didn’t step up his game??


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