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The Davidson Win – From the Couch

I’m live recapping again, got my beer, Josh wins the tip, let’s fucking go Flyers.

Can you imagine if you saw Peyton Aldridge at the park for a pickup game? No way you’re picking that dude in the first 2-3 rounds, goofy as all hell. I constantly forget he doesn’t wear Rec Specs. Unfortunately, this is also UD’s story. Thank god there’s only one more season of letting this dude from Ohio beat UD.

I’m going to type this out so that no one forgets it happened: the first four minutes of the game this evening we’re about…UD’S DEFENSE! Flyers are way spread out, forcing the action at the point and it’s been effective so far.

Kostas comes in early to guard Aldridge…we’ll see how this goes.

Early reminder: No one on planet earth loves the floater like Jalen Crutcher.

Takes Davidson damn near 7 minutes to score their first bucket, but Gudmundsson will hit two threes and it’s back to a normal basketball game after the Flyers started 12-0 on some dreadful Davidson shooting.

When they show the standings on the broadcast, Dayton isn’t even on the first page. I begin to question again what I’m doing here.

Halfway through the first half, Landers and Kostas have been the two tasked with guarding Aldridge, both are currently on the bench with two fouls. Not ideal.

Bob McKillop has always struck me as a man who could still get some 25-year-old strange if he REALLY wanted to. He’s perfected the “I just got back from the country club” look, have to respect it.

The story of the first half has been both surprising, and simple. UD has played some effective man-to-man defense, and admittedly has been aided by Davidson going cold for stretches of 5 and 7 minutes. Secondly, Davidson has no fucking clue what to do with Josh Cunningham right now. Dude has 5 rebounds, (2 offensive that led to 4 points) and 12 points overall on 6-for-9 shooting without getting to the line. Homeboy is a grown man, he would be able to wiggle his way into POY in the conference if Dayton was closer to the top. He also didn’t touch the ball during the last two possessions of the half, hold back your sighs.

Alright, halftime. Now the real show.

The consummate professional. One game last year, Red Panda dropped 5 fucking bowls all over the floor at an NBA game. The next night she was back on the floor like it never happened. You can’t teach that. There will never be another, and the world will always be a stronger place with the Red Panda in it. Humble yourself.

Unfortunately, T-man can’t be right about everything, it’s ok.

Alright, second half, let’s go. Stat shows up: Mark Few (Gonzaga) is going to catch Bob McKillop in career wins relatively soon. Mark Few has been on the job 10 years less. Just think about that.

The Flyers went up by 11 right out of the half, and I paused to write a blurb about a hot second half start. I am now glad I did because Anthony Grant wisely takes a timeout with 12 minutes left after a 12-0 Davidson run leaves UD down 1. It took UD until the second half to revert to their old ways of sloppy perimeter defense, and settling for contested looks from 3-pt range. Trey Landers shows some mid-range game with a hefty push-off and finally ends the misery. At the 12-minute mark the Flyers are a dreadful 4-for-16 (25%) from 3.

Under 12 TO, this is pretty much all you need to know about the UD offense:

The play-by-play man just said “Trey Landers for trey” ….good one.

Right before the Under-8 TO, UD finally gets asses out of seats after a Jalen Crutcher teardrop extends the Flyers lead to 9, but Magarity answers with a three and McKillop wisely takes a TO of his own to slow the pace. Without nitpicking, UD’s defense has held up so far in the half and they have been successful at trading blows with the Wildcats. I begin to feel hopeful, it feels dangerous.

I have no idea what the hell this was, but it happened nonetheless. Neat basketball-doing.

UD is able to trade blows with Davidson until the 3 minutes mark when Peyton Aldridge is inexplicably left open for two three point attempts. His second goes in, extending his total to 22 on the night with a few minutes left. Kellan Grady comes alive with two buckets of his own and the Flyers find themselves down 1 off a 9-0 Davidson run.

When every possession counts, DURRELL comes up big with an ugly lay-in after a 3-minute drought, Aldridge quickly answers to get to 24 points. There will be many timeouts remaining in the last 80 seconds. This live recapping shit was way easier against Wagner, I will not do this again.

Jalen Crutcher buries the shot that HAS TO go in at the 55 seconds mark and UD is up 2. The Arena is up off their asses again. UD has fouls to give and wisely cashes in a token to further slow the game.

The Arena plays We Will Rock You, that’s when you know we really mean business in Dayton, OH.

With 22 seconds left the Flyers need to win the game at the line, Landers does his part making the first two in front of a dead-silent arena, Flyers up 4 with 20 left. Peyton Aldridge tries to be the hero on the last possession and misses a contested corner 3. After some officiating mumbo-jumbo, Davidson HAS to be difficult and hit another 3 to close the lead to 1. DURRELL has to be even MORE difficult and miss the first free throw. In the most excruciating fashion possible, Kellan Grady misses a prayer and the Flyers win.

We will take exactly tonight to enjoy this win, and then bigger, better things await in St. Louis on Saturday afternoon. The Arch Baron Cup deserves your full attention, blood will be shed.

Some takes before you go:

  • Kostas and John Crosby did not see the floor for a single second in the final 20 minutes. Make of that what you will.
  • Matej did not see the floor at all, we all know what we can make of that.
  • Dayton really did get a great all-around, team win tonight. Davidson did not play a poor game. They shot 47% from the field, 43% from 3, and we’re still held to 64 points. Truly a testament to the man-to-man defense from UD that they employed from start to finish. It is worth saying that Davidson is not a bad team, they are unanimously considered in the top 4 of teams in the conference right now.
  • The offense was efficient and avoided mistakes. UD only committed 6 turnovers (2 from X Williams), went 49% from the field, and outrebounded the Cats. At the very least, there are plenty of positives to take away from this one.

Finally, the goddamn Arch Baron Cup is in St Louis this weekend and your boy will be there. You enjoy this win until midnight, then flip the calendar. Those are the rules. The rivalry is back.

Stay #LOWD

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