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Mr. Vines9 months ago53 min

Here’s the scary thing: regardless of how angry and disappointed you are after tonight’s SLAUGHTER, this isn’t technically “rock bottom”. Not yet. We still have to play Fordham this weekend at home. You can’t declare rock bottom until you’ve gotten past each and every landmine on the schedule, and at this juncture I don’t even want to turn my TV on come Saturday. Moving forward, the blogs on this site will get the same amount of effort the Dayton team puts into a game. No one in their right mind wants to write about this slop, nor does anyone want to read about it.

I’m not going to write a “reckoning” post. Sully already did that. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: we can’t go full panic until AG gets at least a couple seasons under his belt. But right now the Fliers are 10th place in the Atlantic 10 Conference. TENTH place. Those of you who come to this site don’t need an explanation of what that means. We’ve seen only one player improve this year (Crutcher). For the third straight season, we don’t have a leader on the squad. I’ll fight anyone ’til I’m blue in the face over that. I wrote about it the past two years and won’t stop until I’m proven wrong. The last true Captain we had in this program was Siebert. A guy who commanded respect and attention on and off the court. A guy who ran the show, called the huddles, and had the admiration of the coaches and players. Trey is the closest thing we have to that right now, but he’s still ways away. Last year the squad played for the seniors. This year the team doesn’t have a clue what or who to play for, which is a pretty wild shift in culture compared to the last few years.

We got smoked by 18 points tonight. All 5 starters were on the bench with 5 minutes to go. We are 3 games under .500. We lost to George Mason for the first time in a decade. DURRELL had 19 and Josh got 15. Otis Livingston lit our asses up to the tune of 29 points, hitting 10 of 15 from the field. The box score is below, I’m not writing any more about the stats.

“I didn’t think we played well either half, to be honest,” Grant said. “We didn’t have the fire and the intensity on the defensive end. Obviously, you’re going to have nights when shots don’t fall, but you’ve got to have a toughness about you that you can play through that on the defensive end and get stops and get rebounds. We missed 60 percent of our shots in the first half, and we had zero offensive rebounds.” – Coach Grant

Before you go to bed tonight, say a LOWD prayer for Saturday. May God have mercy if that game goes south. Thanks to Jablo for the videos/pictures, and for actually sitting through that in person.

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  • The Legend of West Mr.Coffey

    February 15, 2018 at 8:59 AM

    Wow. Having been to that arena for a Student Campus Tour it was again emphasized last night that the ONLY thing great about George Mason U is supposedly the PEP BAND…the PEP BAND…the PEP BAND. Multiple camera shots to fool the audience into thinking it was a raucous atmosphere. To lose to a school with only a great PEP BAND………on a court that looks like the NUTTER CENTER…….to a team featuring a player that looks like URKEL from FAMILY MATTERS (AJ Wilson)……… really really pathetic. It seemed like the team was only looking forward to touring Reagan Airport rather than interested in a Basketball game


  • Seamus

    February 15, 2018 at 11:33 AM

    I had a nightmare with Jim O’brien and Brian Gregory dressed as elves taunting me with ribs from old hickory. The Red dragon putting cigarettes out on my back, Neil Young played in the background. Jimmy Binnys hair blew in the wind.


  • Steve

    February 17, 2018 at 4:38 PM

    Trey Landers-the energizer!!! One (1) fucking rebound. He’s a sixth man at best on any respectable team, but some see him as a real player. I don’t see him as ever being a go to guy or even a starter, except on a bad team. Probably going to start for a loooooong time!


  • tom

    March 19, 2018 at 4:30 PM

    To the famely of CBS Otis Livingston he cousing too meny problems for our people if he touch someboby any person we will get rid of him remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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