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The 10th Return of the Blackburn Review

To kick off the 10th season of the BBR, Sully gets his cronies together to dish about Dayton hoops and various other nonsensical topics.

The boys start off slow, with an important announcement about tweeting recruits, and then quickly move into predictions for the upcoming year, with realism thrown to the wind.

They quickly pivot to discuss roster additions and why this year’s team is slightly more intriguing than the last, as well as giving a little background about the fresh faces on campus.

The gang wraps up the cast with a rousing “Top 5” segment where they discuss their favorite gameday traditions in the Gem City, and finish up with the traditional “Hot or Not”. Sully puts a new song by Jungle at the end because it absolutely slaps, and everyone goes home happy.

Wear Red, Stay LOWD.


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