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BBR Podcast, Season 10, Episode 3: The Gang Brings on Bedell

To keep things rolling right into the start of the Flyers season, Sully and Blackburn catch up with WHIO’s finest, John Bedell to talk some hoops.

The boys start off by talking about the mountain of off-the-court issues the Flyers ran into last year, and how this season might be a little different. Blackburn makes multiple attempts to get the gang off the rails, but a professional like Bedell never wavers. Blackburn concludes that AG should have an asterisk next to the record last season, and the boys conclude that things are heading into the right direction for the future.

They wrap up with a tweet of the week from the Dayton Flyers own, Charles Little, the traditional hot or not is given, and Bedell chooses to take us out with a little classic Weezer.

Wear Red, Stay LOWD.

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