PodcastBBR Podcast Episode 5: The Refusal to Hail State

The boys are back to discuss the Bahamas and what the MSU game means for Anthony Grant
Sully2 years ago2 min

Sully and Drew are back to talk about the Thanksgiving Weekend that was in the Bahamas. They get to it all: the ups, the downs, the win…and the two losses. They dissect what we can take away from the Gem City Cagers after 6 matchups, and then set their sights to Friday nights tilt on Edwin C Moses Blvd.

Drew shows the listeners that he did his research, and provides some good homework to back up why he thinks the Flyers are going to take care of bidness at home. Sully outlines how this game carries slightly more weight in the tenure of Anthony Grant, and joins Drew in thinking the Flyers get the W. (if you dont want to hear about the Bahamas and just want to skip to the MSU game to save time, skip ahead to 35 minutes or so) 

The boys finish up with the segments you’ve come to know from the podcast. The Hickory BBQ Hot Take of the Week makes a return, a tweet of the week is discussed, and they wrap it up with a Hot or Not.

After giving a rundown of the abysmal muck in the Atlantic 10, Sully and Drew call it a night, always under an hour.

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