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A quick Q&A with Landon Young, the managing editor of the SB Nation blog site: For Whom the Cowbell Tolls
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First things first, introduce yourself to the fans of the Flyer in Dayton, OH: When did you get into Miss State sports? Or when did you know you would be attending?

My name is Landon Young. I am the managing editor of the SB Nation blog site: For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. I am also a lifelong Mississippi State fan. I was born in Jackson, Mississippi and I came home from the hospital in a Mississippi State football jersey so… it was sort of destiny for me to attend MSU my junior year of college. I am senior this year and I major in Business Administration.

What’s the expectation for this season right now? (has there ever been a time when basketball was getting more pub than football?)

The expectations for this season is definitely a tournament bid. I’d go as far to say that we expect to make it into the Sweet 16.

So how has the Bulldogs team changed from last year?

We’ve added a few freshmen that allow our bench to be deeper than it was last year.

As a Dayton fan who has seen this story TOO many times…walk me through your disappointment as a bball fan last year when MSU missed the dance.

Well, that story began when Nick Weatherspoon was hurt during the SEC Tournament vs Tennessee. I believe if we win that game there’s much more of a chance that we would’ve been dancing.

What’s the feeling or perception around campus of the job Ben Howland has been doing?

I think everyone believes in Ben. I know I do. I think he recruits the right players, but I’d like to see him take a step forward and coach us into winning some championships or at least playing in some.

With that in mind, you’ve seen enough of the Bulldogs to confidently make a few assumptions about what they do well, state your case.

When they start playing unselfish basketball is when they can really put it on a team. Their ball movement has started to really take off.

What do they do poorly? Where can Dayton exploit them in this matchup?

I think it’s nearly the same answer I gave in the last question. When the Bulldogs start playing selfishly is when the opposing team can start to get rebounds and get out on fast breaks.

Who’s the X-factor outside of your main contributors that can make an impact outside of the brothers Weatherspoon?

I’d say Reggie Perry. He’s one of the new freshmen and I see a lot of potential in his play right now. Robert Woodard is another one of the new guys that has had some seriously good moments so far this season.

Which SEC school has the best looking women? Biases are welcome.

LOL. Mississippi State, no doubt. Although, Alabama comes in at a close second.

Give us the score prediction, my man…

Well, last year the Dawgs pulled it off at the last second so, I’ll go with another close one: 72-68 Bulldogs.


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