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Recon: Detroit Mercy

Dayton takes on Detroit Mercy, Prepares for the Antoine Davis show

Things got hectic this weekend for the entire BBR staff. I was in Atlanta experiencing traumatic deja vu, Sully’s trek from the Arena back home to Chicago crawled along at covered wagon speed (he was somehow only in Indianapolis on Saturday afternoon), Mr. Vines was completely off the radar, Donny hasn’t written anything for this site in nine years and the new guy was in Xenia attending mid-major blogging orientation.

Needless to say, the loss to Mississippi State took a lot of wind out of our collective sails. No one was quite ready to express their thoughts, both positive and negative, after Friday’s disappointment. After a moderately encouraging performance in the Battle 4 Atlantis, it seems that Flyers have, in less than a week, grounded us back down into reality. With the current state of the Atlantic Ten catatonic, there was a feeling among some in the fan base that, MY LAWD, an at-large resume could be created starting with a win against Mississippi State.

Fast forward to 72 hours after the loss to MSU, and it’s become abundantly clear that Dayton will likely, presumably, have to win the conference tourney in March to go dancing this season. The remaining schedule, outside of Auburn (which the Flyers ain’t beating), is embedded with more landmines than Egypt. There simply aren’t enough quality wins out there to be had. To put it proper perspective, Dayton’s best potential wins would probably come against Saint Louis and Davidson. Would Dayton have to completely dominate the conference like George Washington did during the 2006-07 season? I don’t know, maybe, guys.

The news that Jhery (it’s Jhery, JABLO!) Matos will miss the rest of the season is a roundhouse kick to the face and ass. An already thin lineup, the Flyers were 288th in the nation in bench minutes coming into tonight’s contest, now becomes even more scant. Grant is forced to rely on a roster of essentially six players, with the hope that freshmen Dwayne Cohill and Frankie Policelli (I guess?) can expand their roles and evolve into, at the very least, zero sum players. My hope, my dream, is that Jack Westerfield will have to supply some minutes at some point this year. If the season is going to go down the drain we might as well create another folk-hero for ourselves.

Fret not, even with a bench shorter than a Liberian’s grocery list, the Flyers will be heavy favorites against Detroit Mercy tonight. The Titans are coached by Crazy Mike Davis, formerly the HC at Texas Southern, UAB and Indiana. Davis took over the job from Bacari Alexander, who was fired after an incident that took place during a timeout.

The parents of a junior men’s basketball player at Detroit Mercy are outraged after the university basketball coach allegedly made a rude gesture towards one of his players.

“This is disgusting and I’m so angry and it’s an outrage, it really is,” said Demereal Mercer, the mother of basketball player Tariiq Jones.

The parents of Tariiq Jones say they can’t believe what allegedly happened to their son.

“I’m humiliated by it, his actions are disgusting and he’s a coward,” said Prentis Mercer, Jones’ father.

The Mercers say back on Nov. 6, an incident happened during a huddle between their son and the coach.

“I was told the coach grabbed his crotch area and thrust his hips towards my son and told my son to suck his (genitals),” Demereal said.

Not going to lie, the thrusting of the hips did make me chuckle.

Davis, for some reason, decided that taking over a lower-tier basketball program in complete disarray, and barely enough players to fill a team, was the right move for him at the age of 58. To buoy his chances, Davis brought along his son Mike Jr. as an assistant and his highly regarded spawn, Antoine, to play point-guard.

This excerpt from The Athletic shines a light on just how dismal the situation at UDM was when Davis took over the reins:

It’s still early August and none of Detroit Mercy’s newcomers, including Antoine, has arrived yet. He expects them on campus in a week or so, but has no idea what the team will look like. He has signed 13 new players to fill a barren roster — including five true freshmen, six junior college transfers and two graduate transfers — but has seen only his son play in person. The rest were cobbled together via a sprawling network of connections. Davis decided at Texas Southern that traveling to see every recruit and every camp in person wasted an already tight budget. He does all recruiting over the phone now and via film. The incoming roster was built in four weeks. He’s never met anyone, except Antoine.

Mike Davis is on a suicide mission.

There’s really no need to breakdown the Titans’ roster, it basically begins and ends with the coach’s kid, Antoine. Davis’ statline is pretty damn impressive up to this point: 82 total field goals, 46 three-pointers, 5.75, 3-pointers per game and 237 total points all lead the country. The freshman guard has scored over 30 points in five of Detroit’s eight games this season and he is averaging 29.6 points a game. Davis has attempted NINETY-EIGHT THREE POINTERS already this season — that’s 12.25 attempts from behind the arc a game. Astounding. What’s even more incredible? He is knocking down 47% of his three-point attempts. He is around six-feet tall and barely weighs 170 pounds, yet finds a way to consistently get off shots as the team’s obvious weapon. I’m looking forward to watching this kid play.

Last I saw Dayton was favored by fifteen and a half points. I definitely think UDM keeps it closer than that, Antoine Davis will see to it. In the end, UD’s size, lowdness and overall talent will be enough to take home the W. Flyers 74. Titans 65.



  1. Angry John

    December 5, 2018 at 11:16 AM

    That “Pelvic Thrust-Suck My $$$$” story is the funniest scoop in awhile. I caught myself thinking about it and laughing at it during the game.

  2. Desmond A. Debt..agee

    December 3, 2019 at 2:46 PM

    Furman U. Is now ranked in the top 25 at #25?! Ugghh, why can’t we schedule cupcakes on the years that they are NOT cupcakes?

  3. Desmond A. Debt..agee

    December 6, 2018 at 4:52 PM

    Furman U. Is now ranked in the top 25 at #25?! Ugghh, why can’t we schedule cupcakes on the years that they are NOT cupcakes?

  4. Angry John

    December 3, 2019 at 2:10 PM

    That “Pelvic Thrust-Suck My $$$$” story is the funniest scoop in awhile. I caught myself thinking about it and laughing at it during the game.

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