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Flyers give Detroit a proper pink-socking to improve to 5-3
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Going into these types of games, I often ask myself, “Well, how bad can Detroit really be?”

Then, Blackburn writes a recon explaining that the basketball-doers at Detroit Mercy were put together in the summertime via phone calls from the head coach like a poorly scripted version of Major League 4: Takin’ It To the Court. A quick glance at the statistics will hint that Detroit is deficient in about every area, except for the coach’s son, and while the picture does become clearer before tip-off, it is hard to appreciate or truly understand how bad teams like Detroit are until the clock starts ticking. Division 1 basketball does not need to have 353 teams.

Going into a real snoozer like this one tonight, it seems as though we all underestimated how grave a toll the Mississippi State loss took on the student body. I had no idea it was this bleak on campus. Thoughts and prayers…

At least this guy and his five friends are LOWD! (whether he is contractually obligated or not by the student government is not a concern of the author)

Anyway, Detroit set the tone for the game by showing an absolute unwillingness to do anything but shoot the long ball. NINETEEN threes were jacked in the first half (32 overall), a truly ungodly amount. To UDM’s credit, they would hang with the Flyers for the first, eh, 8 minutes or so, and then the rout was on. DMU wisely opened up the game in a zone defense (something the Flyers are going to see MUCH more of this season) and it didn’t take Dayton long to figure out that no one in the interior of Detroit’s defense could do a goddamn thing about Obi Toppin (There’s no stoppin Obi Toppin).

Too big, too strong, too skilled. That was the story of Obi’s night against UDM. He would make his first six shots of the night by cramming the stuffing out of any ball thrown in his general area. The only shot he missed was a blatant foul that went uncalled because the referees felt bad for UDM (they said that after the game). London Warren is at a local park somewhere in Jacksonville practicing the oops he would throw to Obi if he still had a year of eligibility.

Here’s some of the jams that were crammed…

None of this game is going to be particularly important in the grand scheme of things, so here’s random shit I typed while the first half was going on:

  • Jalen Crutcher will shoot from literally anywhere. I hope that continues to be exciting since he’s the only consistent shooter on the roster.
  • Angie’s son, Frankie, scored his first points ever in a Flyers uniform on a breakaway dunk. Welcome to the score sheet, kid.

Angie, always has a way with words….

  • The dominance Obi showed in the first half is what I envision his nightly matchups in the A10 may look like. I hope Grant figures out how to consistently get him and Josh the ball while they’re both on the floor simultaneously.
  • Until Dayton figures out how to shoot the long ball they’re going to see a zone defense on a lot of nights.
  • Dayton did a fairly good job at bottling up Antoine Davis, UDM’s only decent player. He also missed a lot of rushed and ridiculous shots. He takes a lot of ridiculous shots.
  • Love AG giving considerable first half minutes to Policelli and Westerfield. It’s almost like it’s starting to dawn on him that both of these guys will need to give UD minutes down the stretch this season…

The second half started just about the same way the first ended: with Dayton scoring. Crutcher plopped in six quick points, and then more crams were jammed…

While I was in the process of writing this recap, La Salle lost a home game to Bucknell, dropping them to 0-9 on the season. In addition, UMass lost to Holy Cross and Fordham lost to Maine. The bottom of the conference gets worse virtually every night at this point. These felt like things I needed to type out.

I’m serious though, if you missed this game, there were so many goddamn dunks.

I could do this all night!

The only reason to stick around for the ending of this game was to watch UD get to 100, something which they fell devastatingly short of due to the walk-ons being giant babies about it. Credit Jack Westerfield, the only walk-on with the CHEST to fire up a long ball (and sink it!) …but to everyone else who passed the ball around the arc as the clock hit zero and the scoreboard was stuck at 98? Back to the bench! Be a hero and take the earful from Grant, legends are born from great opportunities.

However, champions cover, and your UD Flyers did indeed cover a cushy 14-point spread on this night, cruising to a 39-point win. AG, ever the sportsman, refused to call off the dogs until the 3:09 mark of the second half. Toppin finished with 22 and Cunningham dropped 20, on a collective 17-for-24 shooting to go along with 15 rebounds (11 and 4, respectively). If neither of these boys suited up tonight, it would’ve been a tight game.

Truth be told, this game came at the perfect time for a Dayton squad that needed to regain a little confidence after three straight defeats. Policelli was able to log sixteen useful minutes of action and contributed 4 assists, 2 points and a turnover. Jack Westerfield also saw the floor for about 4 minutes of game action.

Both reserve players getting time off the pine will pay dividends when, say, someone gets themselves into foul trouble in Olean in January. Point being: seven guys will not be enough to carry this team entirely to the finish line, I think we all know that. When the walk-ons get minutes, dunks are flushed, the spread gets covered, and the Flyers get back in the win column, it’s hard to complain much.

Flyers get a few important days off before they have to go down to Auburn, Alabama and take their medicine. Wear red, stay LOWD.


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