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The Flyers take their Medicine against Auburn
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Before diving into a very thorough & advanced analysis of last night’s bout against the Tigers of Auburn, I humbly ask you all to take TWO seconds to vote for our pals Dan and Showey using the links below:

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It’s not really a secret that most of LOWD nation went into last night with low expectations as to the final outcome. And that’s ok – there’s plenty other tangibles (both good and bad) to take away from our 82-72 loss down in Alabama last night.

We’ll start with the bad:

  • We’ve lost 4 of our last 5 games. While we’ve played the #4 and #8 teams in the country during that stretch, the Mississippi State game is going to quietly haunt us for a while.
  • Dayton committed 16 turnovers in the first half. Yes, sixteen. One more than fifteen. We ended the game with 23. Christ Almighty.
  • Was it the Great Lakes Christmas Ale that Glascott’s had on tap last night, or did the game see 10 point swings every 3 minutes? I swear we were down 10ish with 3 minutes left in the half, then we went into the locker room down 19.
  • I still can’t figure Jordan Davis out. I don’t hate his 9 points last night, but he goes hot to cold every other game.
  • Josh and Obi combined for 3 points in the first half. Not going to cut it. When Josh doesn’t eat, the belly of the entire team remains empty.
  • Looking at the box score now, it wasn’t the GL Christmas Ale – we were down 8 points with 3 minutes to go in the half, then Auburn went on a casual 14-3 run.
  • Bryce Brown is the real deal and then some. Kid scored 22 points in the first half. He finished the game with a career-high 34 points, with 6 three-pointers. Did I mentioned he made 4 in a row in the final few minutes of the first half? I don’t think I’m going THAT far out on a limb to say Matos may have helped.
  • My phone is currently across the room with Spotify on full library shuffle, and I’m not getting off my couch to get it. My point: the song Timber still bangs.
  • Auburn was essentially allowed to play a game of slap boxing every time they were on offense, as well as elbow Josh right in the mouth and get no call. Dems the brakes when playing on the road against a top ten squad.
  • The timeout Grant called after we went on a 8-0 run. I have absolutely no idea the reasoning here, nor have I seen any explanation. Helen Keller wouldn’t have called timeout if her team went on a big run against the #8 team in the country.

And for the good:

  • We covered the spread against a top-ten team on the road, and scored 72 points in the process. I’ll take it.
  • We haven’t had our doors blown off by a single team yet. Last year’s team would have lost by 20+ points in at LEAST two of our last 5 games. I know, I’m absolutely right.
  • The reason we haven’t been embarrassed yet: this team has some DOGS on it. I’ve said it before, but its evident these guys actually enjoy playing basketball with one another, a huge difference from last season.
  • We were 6 of 9 from deep in the first half.
  • Dayton jumped 10 spots in KenPom this morning, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.
  • We will never see an offense as good as Auburn’s the rest of this season.
  • Speaking of which: winter isn’t the only thing coming; the A10 is coming too. Let’s not forget we’ve been playing some damn good teams the past few weeks, the likes of which we will not be seeing in our meddling conference.
  • As far as the scoring column goes, Chip Mikesell led the squad with 15, followed by Josh with 14 and Jalen with 11.
  • We went on a 10-0 run with under 5 minutes left in the game. We ended up never getting closer than 6 points.

Now for the elephant that’s been in the room on Twitter lately: while the HR department at the Blackburn Review doesn’t allow us to tell people to jump off a roof, I don’t know what else to tell the people calling for Grant to be fired. There are many things to question and be frustrated with, but we all knew after the “lengthy” hiring process that he would need 3 years before a final grade could be accessed. Timeouts, clock management, offensive sets, the list goes on – but let’s pump the brakes on canning him a few games into his second season.

The boys get a week off before facing Tulsa on December 16th in the “Hall of Fame” holiday showcase. Tulsa had some decent victories in their building last week against Oklahoma State and Kansas State. That said, I have no doubt we can control that game from start to finish. Remember to vote for our pals with the links at the top of the page. WARE RED, stay LOWD, and we’ll see you for the recon later this week.

Thanks Jablo as always for the media.


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