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BBR Podcast Episode 9: The Mafia Returns

The “Fire Mooney Mafia” returns to air their grievances

Sully and Drew are back for the new calendar year to try and remember what went down in Georgia Southern game, and come clean about what they didn’t care for from the Dayton lads. After discussing their overall impressions of the non-conference that was, they quickly move to Drew’s Trivia, quickly becoming one of the fan-favorite segments of the BBR.

Smack in the middle of the podcast, Sully brings on a member of his favorite gang, The Fire Mooney Mafia. Grievances are aired, wrongs are unturned and Sully asks the tough questions to get the bottom of the fans unrest, as well as the administration’s apathy towards the basketball program. If you’re a Richmond fan and don’t want to hear about Dayton, jump on over to 19:00, then stick around for the segments.

Sully and Drew close up by giving their own short preview of the game with the Spiders, and then close up with the usual segments. An old Tweet of the Week surfaces, Sully tosses a softball Hot or Not, and they leave their listeners with Steve Miller Band for the road in just over an hour.

Wear red, be LOWD. #FireMooney



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