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JD leaves a mushroom stamp on the Smith Center as the Flyers fight back from 22-down to win in DC
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Well, that was….definitely an Atlantic 10 basketball game.

Sully and Mr. Vines got over-served (spread awareness!) watching our beloved Flyers so I am back for another fantastically written recap of Flyers basketball. Dayton traveled to the haunted house known as “Foggy Bottom” in our nations capital and survived a big time landmine against the George Washington Colonials on Wednesday night. Dayton spotted GDub a 22 point advantage early, 33-11, before scratching and clawing their way back and ultimately getting their first win in a true road game (The ESPN+ commentary crew loved to point that out) by a score of 72-66. It was a restless kind of night for the Dayton twitter folks and rightfully so but alas, let us take a closer look at this titanic struggle between the Flyers and pitiful, woeful, downright embarrassing Colonials.

Dayton came out in the same zone that they played for the majority of the game against Richmond where they had success by using it. On Wednesday it was about as effective as my pickup lines at the bar. GW started the game 10-for-10 from the field and opened a 23-4 lead against the Flyers…which was not enough for Coach Anthony Grant to switch out of zone defense. The lead for the Colonials would balloon to 22 (33-11) only midway through the 1st half before AG would decide to get out of the zone defense and go to man-to-man.

Everyone and their mother had an opinion on coach this evening, thankfully for me, I get a platform to give mine. I didn’t hate coming out in the zone, GW was statistically one of the worst outside shooting teams in the country (something that held true in the 2nd half) and playing zone against a team like that isn’t a shock. HOWEVER, when that team makes their first 10 shots and you are losing 23-4 you absolutely have to go away from that zone. Dayton going from zone to man defense in this game isn’t “a good in-game adjustment” by Grant, it is common fucking sense. As bleak as it looked for the Flyers, they got resuscitated by some unlikely contributors. Dwayne Cohill came in and played his best stretch of ball in his young career, scoring 7 points in a quick burst, and FRANKIE GOD DAMN POLLICELLI made a 3 and actually gave the Flyers some good minutes to spearhead a comeback to cut the deficit down to 10 at the break 40-30. It helped that GW is a really deplorable basketball team, of course.

It didn’t look great at the beginning of the 2nd half when GW scored the first 7 to stretch the lead back out to 17, BUT THEN, Jordan Davis happened. Jordan Davis put on a shooting display in the 2nd half at the Smith Center on this night that will not soon be forgotten. JD got started by making back to back 3’s to counteract the quick 7-0 run for GW, and with the score 56-44 Dayton would rip off a 13-0 run to take the lead 57-56.

Jordan Davis would then proceed hit the three to put the Flyers on top for the first time in the ball game, his FOURTH of the 2nd half alone, and GW scored on the following possession to regain the lead for the final time on the evening. Down the stretch there was the inevitable Obi One Jam, and then Davis made his 5th three of the game to give the Flyers a 62-58 lead with 7 minutes to play.  With 4 minutes to go, JD hammered in what would be the nail in the coffin – putting Dayton up 66-59, with his 7th three of the game, and 6th of the half. The Colonials, god bless em, tried to make it interesting down the stretch cutting it to 2 with under 30 seconds to go, but Dayton made timely free throws and got timely stops in the closing moments. It feels good to type out that UD escaped Foggy Bottom with a win (their first in 10 fucking years!) to the tune of 72-66.

As the Title Says, this game is hence forth known as “The Jordan Davis Game” 

Simple as that, this is the Jordan Davis game. His signature performance in a Flyer uniform and one that the Flyers desperately needed in order to win this basketball game. Jordan Davis has been the topic of scrutiny this season, and some of it has been warranted. Jordan has improved in other areas and has actually been playing some pretty good basketball as of late save for shooting the 3 ball. That all changed in one half of basketball. Not only was he making threes, he was making clutch threes, HEAT CHECK THREES. Sometimes all it takes for a shooter is a game like this to build his confidence back up. We can only hope that this is case, because when a team is going to hound and take away Josh like GW did tonight, we are going to need players to knock down shots from the perimeter to extend them out and get Josh free to work. Jordan is going to be crucial going forward in the conference season, but on this night, he was the MVP of this team.

Jalen Crutcher continues to run the offense extremely effectively 

Jalen only scored 8 points, but he was a calming presence for Dayton in this game, he finished the game with 11 assist and 5 rebounds and only 4 turnovers (one of which was a horrendous turnover late to give GW some belief) but it is good to know that even when Jalen isn’t lighting up the scoring column he is still being effective within the game by being a great distributor.


It was downright inexcusable to stay in the zone defense that long 

Friend of the site Adam Gutheil pointed this stat out on twitter and it is the best microcosm of this game that you are going to find on the internet. I touched on it above but I will reiterate it here, I didn’t hate starting the game with zone, but you can’t let them score 33 on it in 9 minutes before you switch away from it. That can’t happen and I am doing my best not to give up on Anthony Grant as an in-game manager but he is making it extremely difficult for me.

All those games when Dayton’s players didn’t give in, paid off tonight

Those games against Virginia, Auburn, and Tulsa in which Dayton lost, but didn’t give in to the game paid off for them tonight. It could have been very easy to fold when you were trailing by 22 or 17 to begin to the second half but that isn’t what these players are about, it isn’t how they are wired. It says a lot about these guys that they continually scratch and claw their way back into games and it is a trait that could take this team a long way the rest of the season.

A quick look at the action in the A10: 

All 14 A10 teams were in action on Wednesday night and it was bizarre to say the least. Mimicking Dayton, VCU trailed a terrible LaSalle team by 20 early but was able to pull out a gutsy win. The strength of the crowd in the cafeteria-turned-gynamisum in Richmond was enough to get them over the top. St. Joes is FUCKING TERRIBLE. They got blasted by St. Bonaventure by 26. They now have double digit losses to George Mason and GW at home, and on the road at Bona. Things are not great for the Hawks. Davidson looks like class of the league with a strong win over Mason. URI beat Richmond in a game no one cares about on this website (same with Duquense over Fordham honestly), and SLU survived a scare from UMass at home. The A10 season is going to be comically absurd all the way around and I, for one, am looking forward to it. There is no reason why Dayton shouldn’t be top 4 in the conference. Absolutely none.

Well, that’s all folks! The Flyers return home for another Sunday home tilt against the Minutemen of UMass. I am getting really tired of Sunday games in the middle of the NFL playoffs. What can we do about this? Petitions? Calls? Do we protest outside of the NBC studios? I’m just thinking out loud. College basketball belongs on Saturdays. The students return on Sunday so hopefully this win can bring some juice to the arena that was severely lacking against Richmond (which to be honest, the juice wasn’t really needed). Sully will have a recon for you this week. Until then, we will see you on Sunday.

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