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BBR Podcast Episode 17: The Rise of the Dukes

Blackburn and Sully are back, this time for a Pittsburgh themed podcast with Jonny from Duquesne, who runs the on-again-off-again Bluff Blog to chronicle the misery and pain that comes with being a lifelong Duquesne basketball fan.

The cast starts out with the boys of the BBR briefly recapping the defeat of last Friday, before choosing to skip over the upcoming LaSalle game to talk about what the last two games really mean in the big picture.

The twosome then set their sights on Jonny, to gain a little insight into why he chose this life of mid-major futility. Past players are brought up, Drew’s trivia is not forgotten, and Jonny highlights why things are finally looking up on the bluff in regards to basketball.

Sully and Blackburn gain a little insight into how low the bar is set at Duquesne for media, and then the boys come to the realization that Jonny has never seen Striking Distance. This week sees the Tweet of the Week replaced, but a Hickory BBQ Hot Take surfaces, just before the Award-Winning Hot or Not segment.

Wear Red, be #LOWD, Brooklyn is almost upon us.

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