U. Dayton BasketballBlackburn Review Bracket Challenge – Sponsored by Porch Plates

It's free and you can win stuff
Mr. Vines2 years ago1 min

Come one come all – it’s time for the Blackburn Review bracket contest, y’all!

This year’s contest is sponsored by our friends at Porch Plates – a Dayton alumni owned and operated business. Followers of the Blackburn Review can use the promo code “MADNESS” for 15% off any order. You aren’t going to find a better gift for a fellow Dayton alum.

This year’s contest is FREE to enter. The first place winner at the end of the tournament will have their choice of any ONE product from Porch Plates, free of charge: http://porchplates.com/our-collection/. Second through fifth place will win t-shirts or some weird shit. (Please email at blackburnreview@gmail.com to claim your prize. No one will track you down, you will go unrewarded and that’s the worst feeling of them all.)

Here’s the link to enter – best of luck to all.


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