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Podcast Off-Season #2: Tales of the Wehrli Bird

More stories from more walk-ons

The off-season content rolls on with Blackburn and Sully bringing on the Wehrli Bird, Bobby Wehrli to regale us with stories of the playing days in the old red and blue.

Sully switches the flow and introduces trivia to start off the cast before the boys dive into the magical journey of Wehrli from walk-on to household name.

The Boise State game is mentioned as the crowning memory of the walk-ons illustrious career, and Bobby confirms it was indeed the LOWDest game in The Arena in his four years. First reported by WHIOs own, John Bedell.

The rapid fire section of questions from Blackburn and Sully fills the second part of the cast, and Bobby reveals a game of hardball that was once played with Archie Miller.

The award-winning Hot or Not closes out the cast, as it always does, and Bobby shares a story about Smash Mouth in Dayton to Daytona before putting the listeners through the torture of going out with our most questionable song choice to date.

Wear Red, be LOWD.


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