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The Off-Season allows the gang to stroll down memory lane
Sully1 year ago3 min

If you are a Dayton basketball fan with fond, but fleeting, memories of the four NCAA tournament years, this one is for you.

The off-season rolls on, this time Kyle Davis joins the cast with Sully and Drew to wax nostalgic for the old days. The finest episode to date, and the BBR challenges anyone to say otherwise.

The boys open up talking about Kyle’s recruitment, and he reveals how Kendall Pollard could have changed A10 history as we know it. Things quickly shift to the Elite 8 run, and KD confirms he was indeed along for the ride.

Sully finally gets antzy, asks Kyle about The Great Langston Galloway Push-Off of 2015, and the case is closed.

In true off-season fashion, every one takes a trip down memory lane. The 2015 Selection Show is brought up, as well as the final seconds of the Boise game, KD’s task to guard Kris Dunn, and the ensuing loss to Oklahoma. Very few stones are left unturned.

An impressive cameo is made by Kyle’s brother, Ricardo, about an hour in, and he drops some knowledge on the listeners unexpectedly. Before all is said and done, Kyle pulls the curtain back on an Archie Miller locker room and the final game is discussed as the closing chapter of their legacy in red and blue.

Sully and Drew close things up with the traditional Hot or Not, and the anthem of the 2015 season is the logical closing music this time around.

You have asked, we eventually listened. The podcast is now available on iTunes, and Spotify, as well as the normal Soundcloud link fo free. Basically if you like Dayton hoops, and you also know people who like Dayton hoops, just share it. Simple as that knuckleheads. Weekly episodes will resume in November, just like we promised.

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