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Podcast Off-Season Episode #4: What’s in a Schedule?

Some of the finest radio guys in Dayton join Sully to talk all things scheduling

You already know the BBR is back to talk about the non-conference schedule, and this time, Sully brings on the WHIO man who’s never nervous, Michael Purves, as well as (incorrectly-prescribed) UD Hater himself, Justin Kinner from ESPN 1410 Dayton.

Unsurprisingly, the boys jump into the complicated situation behind the absence of the UD-Wright State “rivalry” and spend entirely too long talking about why you’re not going to see that non-conference game in the Dayton area any time soon. After that, Sully brings in an early trivia question to test the boys knowledge on UDs obsession with MACtion.

The meat of the podcast is talking about the methodology, and UDs approach when it comes to scheduling, as well as the unique challenges that come with it inside Dayton’s program. In a rare turn of events, the podcast never goes off the rails, a true testament to the prowess of Sully’s radio-centric guests.

An oft-talked-about subject for Hot or Not is brought into the fold, grievances are aired with UD’s situation, and Kinner chooses a smooth Tom Petty jam to send the listeners home happy.

Wear red, be LOWD, we’re still months away.



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