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Podcast Off-Season Episode #5: The BBR Brings Back the Big W

It’s been nearly six years since Keith Waleskowski was last on the record on the Blackburn Review entertaining Dayton fans with tales of his illustrious basketball career. This time, it’s the podcast version with Donny D and Sully.

No stone is left unturned. The last, longest and latest chapter of the off-season episodes touches on everything: Donny taking the listeners all the way back to grade school in Dayton with KW (without bringing up Keith’s “Big Shot” in high school, we’re proud of him), multiple trips to Maui, the culture that Oliver Purnell created to bring Dayton back to relevance, Temple hecklers, winning the A10 tournament, the Villanova buzzer beater, the Xavier rivalry, the 2OT game against DePaul in the NCAA tournament and quite literally everything else. A few tough questions are asked, many great stories are shared.

Old fans, new fans, nude fans and blue fans, this episode is for everyone who follows this basketball program. We’ll see you for Dayton hoops in a couple months.

Wear Red, be LOWD.

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