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The DaytonMBB twitter account pushes Drew to the edge

Hello, loyal readers. We are just a mere 12 days away from UD basketball being back in our collective lives and I know that everyone is excited for that to become a reality. Now I know you are wondering: if we are 12 days away as of this writing, why are we getting a blog from the Blackburn Review? Well, I will tell you why, better yet, I will show you why.

This. This right here. Look, it is no secret that @DaytonMBB is aggressively bad at this whole twitter thing, and has been for quite some time. For every bad tweet they throw out into the twitter streets you think to yourself “There is no way it gets worse” and then it gets worse. I have stayed relatively silent on this because I don’t want to pile on the people running it. The reality here is that a bunch of students run the majority of the social media feeds, and more often than not are just told to do their thankless jobs. This blog is not for them. This blog is directed towards the university employees who get paid real American dollars to execute these rudimentary tasks. Last week, I finally cracked. When I saw this tweet I howled out loud at how bad it was and there are LAYERS to how bad some of these are. I am gonna break down why the Dayton Men’s Basketball twitter stinks and I am going to do it on these pictures alone.

  1. #JoinTheFight and #DoneAtDayton? The two single worst hashtags I have ever seen

Let’s start with the most basic of things a sports team does on twitter. Every single team (usually) has one universal hashtag that they will put after all their tweets. Day 1 stuff, really basic, really hard to fuck up. Well, Dayton found a way to not only fuck it up, but fuck it up twice! Let’s start with #JoinTheFight I can’t think of a more generic ass, mid-major hashtag for a team. Search #JoinTheFight on twitter and you’ll find other college athletics programs (like Illinois), charitable organizations, and Nancy Pelosi supporters. It is bad, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the next one.

#DoneAtDayton is the worst hashtag I have ever seen for a sports team. Not exaggerating this point, it is the single worst one I have ever seen. #DoneAtDayton is something some rando from VCU tweets at us when we are eliminated from league contention or our coach gets fired. You know who was #DoneAtDayton? Kostas Anteokounmpo when he bolted for the G-league so he could be a walking billboard for Giannis. Could you imagine if #DoneAtDayton was around during the Gregory era? The tweets that would have came from that would have been stuff of legend. Look it is one thing to fuck up these hashtags, it is another when you have ones that would be JUST FINE right in front of you. #JoinTheFight? Why not throw a L in there and make it #JoinTheFlight? Hey! That makes sense! Or you could just ya know, use the hashtag that Dayton twitter has been using for 5 years now #LOWD but that is neither here nor there.

2. These pictures 

There is a lot going on in this first picture. The glasses, the mouth wide open, the chain that looks like a knockoff, of a knockoff Larry O’Brien trophy, it is a mess. Someone on the Dayton twitter team saw this picture and said “Yep! This is it this is the one!” and sent that thing to twitter for all to see. It doesn’t stop there however, let’s go over some more examples.

This one is outrageously funny, but looks more like an ad for men’s underwear. I think they were going for 1 of 2 things here: 1. The kid on the left is slam dunking the ball in between the guy on the rights arms which are forming a basketball hoop, or 2. an irreverent recreation of Brokeback Mountain, basketball edition. Look at those shit eating grins on these guys. “Hey man, look at us! were gonna be famous on Dayton Twitter” Well, they would technically be half right. The guy on the left is looking into the others eyes like I look at a full rack of ribs from Smok’n BBQ (Best BBQ in Dayton no question) Nothing says Dayton is an intimidating place to play like two guys pillow fighting over a basketball.

Because it took us until Monday to post this fine article, Dayton MBB has actually gone through and deleted a few of their worst tweets, so at the very least, we can thank them for that.


If you think I am gonna shit on this good boy (or girl) you are sorely mistaken. This is what I am talking about, more dog content. Every blind squirrel finds a nut. 13/10 would pet.

I could go and find more examples, but frankly, these tweets from today are more than enough to prove my point. Dayton’s twitter is among the worst I have seen and I spend a lot of time on that dumb website. I’ll leave you all with this.

Look, @DaytonMBB you don’t need to be the best sports team to follow on twitter, seriously, we do not expect that from you. There is a very basic script to follow here. Graphics, one hashtag unique to the program (like #LOWD perhaps?), helpful and informative updates, and the casual fun shot at your opponents. It’s not rocket science despite how much Dayton’s twitter makes it seem that way.  I mean shit, VCU got this shit down and they tweet from a cafeteria for godsakes! There are POLICE DEPARTMENT twitters that are better than Dayton’s. We dont expect you to be good, we just want you to follow-able. We are 12 days away from this season starting and if this is the early indication on how the season is gonna go from a twitter standpoint? We are gonna be in for a long year. and before someone gives me the whole “well if it is so easy, why don’t you do it?” I’m not saying I would be good at it, but I can, in full confidence say, that I would not be THIS BAD. I am #DONE@DAYTONMBB.

Image result for big cat figure it out gif


Wear Red, be #LOWD and all that.



  1. Cros

    December 3, 2019 at 1:10 PM

    Need more evidence of our electronic ineptitude- the site adds the woman’s box score to the Cedarville Basketball Story.

  2. Cros

    November 3, 2019 at 7:43 AM

    Need more evidence of our electronic ineptitude- the site adds the woman’s box score to the Cedarville Basketball Story.

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