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Podcast Episode 2: Season Preview Part 2

Sully lets a few fan voices be heard to wrap up a preview of the season ahead

Back just in time for the Flyers home opener against Indiana State, Sully brings on his cronies, Jeff and Ders, to sit around the microphone campfire and discuss the important issues pertaining to your Gem City Cagers.

The show opens up talking recruiting. Ders gives the rundown on the type of players Grant’s staff is after these days, as well as the specific geography they tend to attack on the recruiting trail. Jeff brings up the elephant in the room being the open scholarship that will exist in Obi Toppin’s stead, and the boys predict the ceiling and floor for how his season shakes out.

Maui is mentioned, so are trap game possibilities, and they hold each other accountable for their takes from last year’s episode of predictions. Jeff presents skepticism about a Flyers W against St. Mary’s, but all 3 agree the Flyer Faithful can will the team to victory in Chicago.

A mediocre A10 preview is given and Jeff coins the term “Blue Bloods of the A10” while Ders makes his annual proclamation that the Flyers will go undefeated at home. Sully shifts things up and gives a quick two minute preview of what you need to know about Indiana State to close the show and everyone ends up happy.

If you don’t feel like listening to the show on Soundcloud, click the pictures below for the medium of your choosing.

Wear red, be #LOWD, Saturday will be here soon.

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