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Podcast Episode 5: Getting to Know the Gaels

The best episode of the season to date features the voice of the Gaels, Alex Jensen, who joins Sully and KT to talk about the impending match-up in Phoenix on Sunday. Of all the guests the BBR has had in the history of the show, Alex has, by far, the most nice things to say about your Dayton Flyers

KT opens the show by giving the listeners the lowdown on the alumni gathering coming up in Chicago, and before long its time to introduce their esteemed guest.

The gang opens the show about all things St. Mary’s, giving the listeners a profile of the average St. Mary’s student, and why they can be considered a fantastic mid-major counterpart out west. Their rivalry with Gonzaga is discussed at length, as well as the coaching tenure of the current boss, Randy Bennett.

Eventually, scheduling becomes the topic of discussion again, and Alex reaffirms to the boys that the Gaels are under the same struggles to put together a quality schedule as our Flyers. After coming to agreement that these two programs should meet every season, its on to the current business at hand: the game on Sunday.

Alex gives the best rundown of the opposing team that we have seen to date, but remains professional and reserved in his prediction, given that he will be sitting courtside calling the game for Gaels fans back home. Everyone agrees we’re in for a great contest with efficient offense, and before you know it, the show comes to a close with some Bay Area hip hop, an ode to our pals in Moraga.

Wear red, be #LOWD


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