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Taking Care of Bidness

The Flyers handle a necessary obligation at home before hitting the road to Chicago

One word to describe the night that was at the University of Dayton Arena? Formulaic.

This was a game that the Flyers didn’t play particularly well, and still controlled from tip to final horn. I mean, Obi Toppin had his quietest night from an offensive output standpoint scoring only 11 points but Dayton still was up by double digits for over 35 minutes of total game time. That outcome was never in question (except for a couple sweaters seated around me, more on them later) Look, this game went by in a flash. There weren’t any real memorable moments from it. Crutcher went down after a lob to Obi after banging knees with a UNT defender that caused UD Arena to go quieter than a church on Christmas Sunday. Thankfully, he was a o-k and re-entered the game not long after the injury scare.

Ryan Mikesell did his usual shit. (There are still people who don’t think he is good, and that is hysterical) Chimichanga got some good burn tonight, Dirt Road Johnson is still sick, and the Flyers didn’t cover. If the BBR didn’t give me a word quota per blog I would just end it there but I know that the loyal readers of the BBR expect excellence out of us. So while I can’t guarantee it will be excellent, I can guarantee it will be something.

Dayton began the game on a 13-2 run, quickly taking control of the contest with the bulk of the work coming from the Seniors. The Mean Green of North Texas scratched back to make it 22-15 but an 8-0 Dayton run made it 30-15 at the U4 timeout of the first half. (Side note, the “Mean Green” not having green uniforms is wholly blasphemous and I won’t stand for it) The Flyers held UNT without a 3-point field goal in the first half, something that UNT certainly wanted to do and they did it in abundance in the second half.

Photos by Jabs, obviously

The second half just, kinda, happened I guess? I mean the most memorable thing that happened in this game was an all-time chew out of a player on North Texas by their coach. I mean he called timeout and stormed on to the court and gave a Tiger Woods esque pump toward one of his players for missing his assignment. That is how this game went. And let’s be honest, I could just be making all this shit up. Unless you were in the arena chances are you didn’t know anything that happened in this game because ESPN+ was being a little bastard in the first half. So I won’t bore you with anything else and I will just get straight to the takes.

This game is a “hold on to your ass” special in past years, now, it’s just another game

In years past, this would have been a CLASSIC Dayton trap game. Team who played other teams tough, with a bad record, strolls into the Arena when the students are away and the crowd is half into the game and catches Dayton with their pants down. That didn’t happen tonight, not even close. This result was never in doubt, from the moment Dayton sprinted out to a 13-2 lead, the only question on my mind was Is Dayton going to cover the -16? (they did not) That is how this is going to go. Dayton played lackluster, uninspired ball the WHOLE game and beat a decent team by double digits. If that doesn’t tickle your private parts on just how good this team is then I don’t know what else to tell you.

An all time night for crowd comments

You will see it below but someone in this arena said Ryan Mikesell, yes THAT Ryan Mikesell wasn’t any good. Lock that guy up and flush the key down to toilet because that is crazy person talk. It gets me thinking though, what are some of the craziest takes you’ve overheard in the arena? I had an all-timer tonight. Someone in my section said Obi needed to gain 50 (!) pounds in order to make it in the NBA. That is crazy talk. If you have any good ones you can good ahead and tweet them at me @DrewbyW, or throw it in the comments below. I am always willing to look at your tweet, I am not always willing to respond, remember that.

Like I said everyone, not much to write home about tonight. In march, it is going to look like a double digit win against an inferior opponent which is all we can ask for at this point. HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE game on Saturday in Chi-town and as I am sure you are all aware, we have our live podcast show and pregame party at Malcolm X College, just across from The United Center. So if you are in Chicago, head on over and grab a drink and listen to the BBR fellas preview the game for ya and have a good time. They’ll be bringing on various alumni and persons of interest throughout the hour-ish long show. I’ll leave you with Sully’s thoughts on the game tonight, because, much like the Dayton Flyers on the court, the BBR prides itself on our depth as well.

First of all, if that guy in 215 is reading this, you shouldn’t ever attend a basketball game the rest of your life. You’ve forfeited your right to enjoy this sport. 

Now that I’m done addressing an idiot, here’s what I needed to write down after another predictable Flyers win over a lesser foe: 

I really respected the coach of UNT for uglying this game up in every possible way. He got a tech, he slowed down the game, he took an egregious amount of timeouts in the first half, and it still made no difference. In years past, this is a game the Dayton makes you sweat out, and contemplate why you ever followed this school’s basketball team, but not this year. UD played their worst offensive game of the season, their star player scored a pedestrian 11 points, they played lazy defense, took plays off and it didn’t make a lick of difference. This game was never in doubt for a single second and UNT never got closer than eight points the entire second half. 

I hate to break this to some who may not know, or make peace with it, but this game is a perfect representation of what this season is going to be most nights, my friends. None of these wins have to be pretty, none of these have to keep pace with the stats that the school’s twitter account loves to tweet out for no reason, but they do need to be wins. UD has 21 games remaining on the regular season schedule, 10 of those games are against teams roughly comparable or worse than North Texas. Which, if you did the quick math, means almost half of the remaining 2020 season is going to be competition like the Mildly Perturbed Green. 

Now, quick, revert back up to my last paragraph. Dayton played their worst game of the season with an average-to-mediocre effort across the board and was never seriously threatened at any juncture. 

We gon be fine. See you on Saturday. Come hungry. Wear red. Be LOWD. 



  1. CMurder

    December 18, 2019 at 10:54 AM

    Back in 2015 I would not have believed I’d be saying this, but Mikesell will go down as one of my all-time favorite Flyers.

  2. Blackburn Review©®™

    December 18, 2019 at 10:54 AM

    The Mikesell comment is kinda shocking. I can’t think of many players that have fit his role better than Chip.

  3. Harewoodwhores

    December 18, 2019 at 11:54 AM

    Mikesell is one of those players that would be a stud and pain in the ass for Dayton on any other A10 team. We just are so deep that he fills his role quietly.

  4. buster

    December 18, 2019 at 10:37 PM

    I’m waiting till end of January to troll: “Obi is really making a mistake declaring for the draft. Doesn’t he know how awesome he has it being a student at UD?!? He’s really hurting himself not staying and getting his degree!”

    Unless someone beats me to it.

  5. Erv Giddings

    December 19, 2019 at 9:42 AM

    Being the glue guy and a white dude, Chip along with DRJ need to understand what that means to the higher purpose of this team. They need to be most productive off the court to satisfy the needs of the coeds in the ghetto in order to keep the white poison away from the bros.I’m confident they are well equipped to take one for the team…

  6. Co-Legends of Yung-1/Benston

    December 20, 2019 at 12:15 PM

    Most 5th year seniors who’ve hung around KU for an extra year have had HORRIBLE drop-offs waiting to get the HHH out of there for good . List is too long but see EYoung-1st, JBenson, KDillard et seq as some examples. The only recent exceptions that come to mind real quick are J Seibert of course……and now Mikesells

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