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Playtime Is Over

The Flyers pinksock La Salle, 84-58, open up A10 play with a resounding win

In the fighting city of Philadelphia, the Dayton Flyers came right out and scored a first-round knockout over the La Salle Explorers, ending their five game losing streak inside the Germantown swimming complex (another notch on the belt of Coach Anthony Grant) with a 84-58 mauling of La Salle. The fellows looked focused, energized, and sharp on the offensive side of things. Five players scoring in double figures (Chatman was just shy of making it six with 9 points), led by Obi with 20. Every starter shot 50% or better from the floor. That’s the kind of offensive efficiency Dayton is gonna have to play with night in and night out if they want this season to go somewhere, and they did a fantastic job of getting the train rolling for A10 play. La Salle was 9-3 coming into tonight’s contest, and promptly got dump trucked by the fully operational battle station that is the Dayton Flyers.

Things began a tad slow for the Flyers, turnovers are still an issue that they are working through as they had four in the first five, however, they only turned it over ten more times the rest of the night — still not great, but progress nonetheless. The game was close at the under 16 timeout with Dayton leading 12-8, it was the last time the Explorers would be within striking distance the rest of contest. Obi took his usual exit at the thirteen minute mark. The Flyers were +9 with the chosen one getting his breather and when he returned, the rout was on. An 18-0 run from the boys in red made the score 38-14 and it was all she wrote. The Flyers continued the stellar play for the rest of the half and went into the locker room with a comfortable 46-24 lead. At the half, Dayton had six players with 6+ points, shot 71% from the line, were 4-5 from behind the arc and shot 80% from the line on 10 attempts (and had 12 assists).

The second half only took place because you are apparently obligated to play forty minutes of basketball. La Salle was clearly outclassed both in the talent and depth department against the GC Cagers. Obi did some Obi things, Crutcher dropped pretty dime after pretty dime and had some nifty finishes around the cup, Trey Landers bought a drink and flirted with a triple double, Mikesell raised the roof(!) and fun was had by all. Let’s get to some takes.

This is the year Dayton lays waste to the Atlantic 10:

As I pointed out above, Anthony Grant has achieved something that Ol’ Arch couldn’t, win at La Salle. He wiped the UMass slate clean last season, and he has a chance to wipe the losing streak at St. Joes (I mean, yeah that’s gonna happen, SJU is BAD) on Sunday. This Dayton team is different than any we have seen in some time (this assumes you aren’t reading this and 80 years old).

Obviously having a lottery pick gives you a hell of an advantage, but take a look at the rest of the squad and what they did tonight: 64 points on 24-49 shooting. It’s the balance this team has and the unselfish play of every player that suits up every night that makes this team different. The amount of times the Flyers passed up a good shot for a great shot tonight was continuous and it translated to a bunch of easy buckets against a team that prides itself on mucking the game up and defending hard. The Flyers had 70 points with eleven minutes left in the game. La Salle came into the game allowing just under that number per game. Little ol’ harmless Dayton is done. Dayton is now the Death Star and the rest of the Atlantic 10 are the rebel scum, it is officially time to start acting like it.

Dayton will have (at least) 4 All-A10 players: 

We had the BBR staff give takes today, of varying degrees, ranging from the mild to a Donny Taek ( ). Here is what I would have contributed if I didn’t have the recap — Dayton is going to have at least 4 players on the All-A10 teams. Obi obviously is 1st team lock, I think Jalen will be 1st team as well, with Chip and Landers making 2nd team. Does the A10 have a 6th man of the year award? If so, Ibi Watson will have a stranglehold on that as well. It’s the deepest team, and the most talented team, Dayton has had in my lifetime and, barring injury, the All-A10 teams are going to be the living proof.

Rebounding and Turnovers need cleaned up:

Dayton wasn’t perfect. Turnovers and rebounding still need to be a focal point going forward. La Salle had more offensive rebounds than defensive rebounds in the first half, granted part of that is that Dayton didn’t fucking miss, but Dayton still needs to improve in that area of the game — and the turnovers need to start getting cleaned up as well. Two in the first two minutes as well as one right after halftime. Those are things that are going to get you beat by lesser competition at times, and will always get you beat against the competition that Dayton is striving to compete against later this season. It didn’t hurt them on this night, in actuality Dayton out-rebounded and had less turnovers than La Salle, but it is still an area I would like to see steady improvement in as we move along in A10 play.

The Drewby Recap Game remains undefeated: 

3-0, average margin of victory: 19.3 points. Just Sayin’.

One last note before I end here. As Jablo reported, Anthony Grant made the team fully aware that Dayton had a losing streak in this building. This is the energy I need outta CAG. Find whatever edge and moativation you can find in the A10 this season. Haven’t won somewhere in a while? DO IT! Get disrespected on a scouting report? Torch em. Some dude from George Mason DM’d your girl? Put ’em through the Earth’s crust. Playtime is over and the day of reckoning is coming for the rest of the Atlantic 10.

The Flyers stay in Philly until Sunday with a tilt against a not-your-father’s St. Joes in a game that they might be favored by 30. They will look to win in Hagan Arena for the first time since 2000(!). So what I am saying is this: lay the number. Sully is gonna be back on the ESPN radio airwaves on Friday afternoon and we have plenty of upcoming content (never enough content) for you guys to consume if you missed any of it. Remember everyone, we are the captains now. It is our league to lose and I don’t think this team has any plans of anything short of absolute domination. Ware Red, Stay Lowd and let’s keep this thing going.

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1 Comment

  1. Buster

    January 3, 2020 at 3:24 PM

    Just noticed the “Game Excitement Index 0.52” on the Win probability graph. Who the hell sets that? How is it determined? Was that the LaSalle fan level of excitement?

    I can assure you, I was way more than 0.52 excited!

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