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BBR Podcast Episode 15: A Conversation about Dayton with Jordan Sperber

Sully chops up the normal schedule to deliver a hard-hitting interview

Not your normal week, and thus, not your normal podcast schedule. Sully opens the show explaining the conundrum the BR currently finds themselves in this week, before giving a few notes on what you should be looking for in the AP polls besides the ranking of your, Dayton Flyers.

The bulk of the episode focuses on a conversation with Jordan Sperber, proprietor of the site Hoop Vision. Sully got in touch with Jordan after he made the below video, focusing on the nuances of UD’s offense, and why they are so difficult to defend. As you will hear in the interview, Jordan is extremely talented at taking rather advanced basketball concepts, digesting them, and articulating it back in a plain english way for even the average basketball fan to understand.

It was a shortened episode tonight, but we’ll be coming to you with another one before you know.

Oh yeah, one more thing: on the last episode Sully ended the show claiming that “Back to Life” by Soull II Soul was the theme song for the 1984 NCAA tournament run, when it was, in fact, the theme song of the 1990 team, since the song came out in 1989. Sully was simply passed information that he did not bother to follow up and fact check, feel free to blame him for such an error. Shout out to everyone who called it out, facts matter.

Until next time, wear red, and remain LOWD.


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