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BBR Podcast 16: Mark Titus Gets Ready for the ABC

You asked for it, we did it

The longest episode in the illustrious history of the award-winning podcast covers it all, some would say, from soup to nuts.

The show opens with Sully regaling listeners of his drinking mishap in a London soccer stadium, but then quickly shifts to the action that the show has missed while on hiatus last week. Drew gives his thoughts on how Duquesne was able to claw back into the game last Wednesday, and Blackburn admits that, like Sully, he missed the game on Saturday.

A half hour into the show, the Blackburn Review finally brings on the Bandwagon Leader himself, Mark Titus, to finally tell the tales of Maui, why he got on board with Dayton and why he thinks they’re a well oiled machine ready for March. The conversation shifts to Mark’s journey through Ohio State, the work he does with the Club Trillion Foundation, and his exit from The Ringer to Fox Sports, where he currently resides.

The cast wraps up with Blackburn chastising the vultures who are charging too much for tickets, and Drew gives the A10 rundown before Final Thoughts are made heard.

Give Mark a follow @clubtrillion or @titusandtate for their weekly college basketball show.

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