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Dayton makes a statement, rolls over Rhode Island 81-67


The much anticipated match up between your University of Dayton Flyers and the Rams of Rhode Island was over before it began. A 17-0 run to light the arena on fire began the shellacking, and before Rhode Island even blinked, Dayton reminded everyone just who the fuck they are: the #6 team in the country. Remember when I said that this was the year that Dayton needed to lay waste to the Atlantic 10 and to embrace being the evil empire? Well, coach Anthony Grant gave the “You may fire when ready” order and the Death Star laser beamed Rhode Island right out of the building. Dayton came out and looked like they did in Maui. Sharp defensively, crashed the glass, and as has become the custom, absolutely lethal on offense. The most frustrating thing outside of the officiating on this night was the fact that the red car STILL hasn’t won the race at the under 12 minute timeout, it is an injustice that I plan to keep fighting that I can I promise you. Let’s take a dive into the latest Gem City beatdown.

As I mentioned before the Flyers came out and busted right through the opening gate, a 10-0 run less than 3 minutes into the contest forced URI coach David Cox to burn his first timeout. For his efforts Dayton held URI scoreless through the under 16 TV timeout, leading 12-0 at that juncture. Another 5 straight for Dayton gave them the final 17-0 run to open the contest that brought the LOWD to heights that haven’t been reached since, dare I say, the Boise State first four game. URI finally got on the board with a stick back at the 14 minute mark but the damage had already been done. A hole like that against a squad like Dayton on their home floor will put you out to pasture. URI did their damndest to try to scratch and claw back into it, and to their credit, their effort did not dwindle. They played hard and eventually got the lead down to 9. That lasted about 25 seconds. After one of the seven (!) technical fouls called on the night, Crutcher made both free throws, and then Obi buried a three directly in front of the URI bench for a quick 5 point swing to put Dayton back on top by 14. The lead would never be under double digits the rest of the contest. The Flyers headed into the break up 14 and looked to bury Rhody in the second half.

Fatts Russell, who struggled mightily but somehow still finished with 19, opened the second frame with a quick 4 points to scratch the lead down to 10, and that was the final time that the Rams would be in cover town. a 12-2 run in a 5 minute span by the Flyers put the contest out of reach and the crowd was subjected to the three officials blowing their whistles for the next half hour. A game that one bettor called a “bomb” and put 10k on URI +11 ended with the Flyers covering the spread. That is why Vegas is Vegas everyone.

Dayton put on its best defensive performance since Maui. Holding the Rams to 28.8/20/68 shooting splits on the night and out rebounding URI 43-40. This is the kind of defensive intensity that the Flyers are going to have to play with come March, and they brought it against an opponent that many pundits thought would hang with them. You can only play who is in front of you, but dominating the second best team in the conference sends a message not just to the league, but to the rest of the country.

Obi wins round 1 of the Toppin Bowl

Obi bullied his little brother tonight. As the youngest of 2 older brothers, I felt for young Jacob. Obi told Jablo after the SLU game that if he caught Jacob in the lane, it was “gonna be SportsCenter” Well, Obi made good on his promise. A fast break left handed windmill dunk provided the highlight of the evening. Chants of “Obi’s better” rang through the dungeon (This is just me, but just chanting “Obi’s brother” would have been more effective, but I digress.) Obi ended the night with 22 pts, 10 rebounds on 7-9 shooting. Just another night for the Wooden award front runner. Jacob struggled tonight, but you can see the potential there, and Rhode Island fans should be very excited for the years to come with the young Toppin brother. I think he still is going to fill out and will be a problem for Dayton in the next coming years, but his big brother knocked him around like big brothers are known to do on this night and Obi showed absolutely no mercy.

Jalen Crutcher: 2nd best player in the Atlantic 10

So, everyone’s favorite College Basketball maniac Jon Rothstein essentially tweeted that Fatts Russell was better than Jalen Crutcher. As a betting man, I am willing to put some cheddar down that Jalen caught wind of this tweet and didn’t take too kindly to it. He took it to Fatts and the rest of the Rams tonight posting an efficient scoring line of 21 points on 5-7 shooting, 2-3 from 3 and 9-9 from the stripe. Russell got his points, finishing with 19 but took 18 shots to get there. I have been screaming it from mountain tops this season, but Jalen Crutcher is the best PG in the A10 and the second best player in the conference behind his running mate Obi. I thank my lucky stars every day that Anthony Grant found this guy and you all should to.

Cohill returned with a vengeance

Big ups to Dwayne Cohill. Nailed to the bench in the last two contest, many people began to wonder about the future of young Dwayne. I think he was in the doghouse with Grant for reasons we will probably never know. He got an opportunity to get back on the floor tonight and responded with his best performance of the season. Seven points on 3-3 shooting and playing that hounding junkyard dog defense he has become known for. Good to see that just because he got glued to the pine he didn’t sulk, or pout. Instead, he kicked up the hard work, getting shots up after the SLU game on Saturday. Grant has kind of got a knack for pissing his players off and getting the best of them, it worked for Dwayne and hopefully this version of him is here to stay because we are going to need him down the stretch of the season.

Drewby recap game update: 

6-0: Average margin of victory, 17 points. ROLLIN’

Okay one last thing before I let ya go, pregame the taps for Bud Light, Yuengling and Miller Lite were not working properly. The Natty Taps (which feature a fire tap by the way) were the only option. A fine option, don’t take this as me going at Natty because I love it as much as the rest, but man if UD wants to push it, you can’t charge it the same price as the others. Its gotta be at least a dollar cheaper. It’s just a thought, the people will come. If anyone who makes those kind of decisions is reading this, you know I am right.

The evil empire keeps it rolling into Amherst on Saturday, then it is a trip to everyone’s cafeteria. Wear Red, Be Lowd, Stay Hydrated.





  1. Erv Giddings

    February 12, 2020 at 11:22 AM

    Jalen = 5 of 7/ 2 of 3 / 9 of 9 = 21 pts on 7 fg attempts…facts (and math skills) matter

  2. Kid Flyer

    February 12, 2020 at 11:23 AM

    Do you guys know much about the Jacob Toppin recruiting process at UD? Was he ever s serious consideration? I know they offered him but it does not feel like he was ever close to signing or a priority. He would have been amazing backfill for Obi leaving. Looks like he is going to follow in his brother’s footsteps and then some. He is going to be a problem over the next few years.

    • Blackburn Review©®™

      February 12, 2020 at 12:18 PM

      He wasn’t *heavily* recruited by UD, nor did he seriously consider UD. I don’t think he necessarily wanted to follow in Obi’s footsteps, wanted to step out and do his own thing. From what I recall he was close to going to Va Tech before Buzz Williams took the A&M job.

  3. Erv Giddings

    February 12, 2020 at 12:14 PM

    Jalen = 5 of 7 / 2 of 3 / 9 of 9 = 21 pts on 7 fg attempts = facts (and math skills) matter.

    • Drewby

      February 12, 2020 at 3:57 PM

      Fixed. Must have been looking at Obi’s FGs when I was looking at the box score.

  4. ben

    February 12, 2020 at 2:14 PM

    biggest A10 game of the season and they send high school refs? was embarrassing. and they tried to compensate with aggressive technical calls; sophmoric.

    • Sully

      February 12, 2020 at 5:38 PM

      Interestingly enough, one of the refs is regarded as the best in the business and has worked Final Fours previously.

  5. Kid Flyer

    February 12, 2020 at 4:54 PM

    It was great to see Cohill jump back into action looking better than he has all year following the benching. Could this have been a strategic tactic by Grant seeing the Fatts Russell matchup looming in an effort to get him firing on 11 like he did? Not to state the obvious, but If we get that kind of production out of Dwayne from an “offensive and defensive standpoint” – CAG or more going forward this thing could take another big step up the ladder. Chatman looked like he is regaining his confidence as well. If he gets back to Maui form on top of Cohill…

    Whenever they are getting crushed on the offensive boards, I cannot help but think what this would look like if Dirt Road was still there, with head in game, providing inside strength, touch, length, rim protection and athleticism off the bench. I am surprised that he seemed to have just faded quietly into the night as if he was never really there. IMO, he was a huge loss to long, long term plans against Power Five size and strength that is coming down the road in late March.

    God bless Jordy’s effort, size, character, et al. but he is like a circus bear when on the floor in contrast to the way the rest of the team flows. I know he has made steps forward but his hands and footwork are a liability and really limit his effectiveness. He mostly bats or swings at every rebound or pass thrown to him and ends up stumbling on the floor. I can’t help but think about needing to resurrect Burgess Meredith tactics in Rocky II and take him out back at practice to chase a chicken around in a fenced in area to work on his hands and footwork. He will absolutely need to make some giant steps for them to make it to April.

    • Rich Anglin

      February 12, 2020 at 10:11 PM

      Circus bear…chasing chickens…That’s Gold, Kid! Gold!

    • keith

      February 13, 2020 at 11:08 AM

      i also love cohill being in the action again. I think he has the ability to be the best defender on the team. he can be a heat check type guy on offense but you don’t want him to be one your first or 2nd option.

      Next year he’ll be filling in minutes for jalen and chatman and could be a big contributor

    • keith

      February 13, 2020 at 11:08 AM

      jordy is a young big man. most big guys with that body type take a few years to develop. He’ll be better next year and dangerous the year after that.

      I wish Chase could have avoided injuries and kept his head on straight to fill in for obi next year in the paint. That kid had athleticism

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