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BBR Podcast 22: Ready to Cut Down the Nets with Grant Labedz

Grant joins the boys to talk hoops, obviously

The watershed year for the Blackburn Review continues with another rousing episode of the award-winning podcast, the A10’s flagship radio program.

Sully opens the show by continuing to help UD fans understand how the bracket is selected and where UD might end up, and why. Blackburn asks questions, some are answered, some are left unaddressed. Sully challenges Blackburn to bring up what First Four match-up would be most tantalizing in Dayton, and how many teams in the country are capable of going 18-0 in the A10.

After briefly recapping the George Mason game, the boys welcome on A10 talk Co-Founder and the host of the Hey10 podcast, Grant Labedz, a diehard Davidson fan in his own right.

The program, this year’s disappointments and the upcoming game are discussed, leaving no stone unturned, as is customary on the program.

The A10 rundown closes out the show, and Blackburn gives the listeners his final thoughts before the boys explain who’s ass is getting kicked this weekend in Dayton.

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Wear red, be LOWD.







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