PodcastU. Dayton BasketballBBR Podcast 23: Dayton is #3

Dayton boys talkin Dayton things
Sully8 months ago101 min

This one was wildly specific to Dayton fans, for better or for worse. The cast, on a short turnaround, means no guest and the boys from the Blackburn Review get together around the virtual campfire to talk about everything on our minds as Flyers fans:

-The A10 conference tournament

-Will the team go 18-0?

-Should the Bud Light Mic at Flanagan’s have a breathalyzer?

-Is being #3 really that much better than being #4?

-Where would you put College Gameday on campus?

-Where were you when Fordham lost to St. Joes?

-Why did the guys have to wait until so late into the show to talk about Rhode Island?

Go enjoy this season with your friends, and tell em the podcast sent you.

From Nowhere – Speaking Suns is the song to take you out.

Wear red, be LOWD



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