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BBR Podcast Off-Season #1: The Sean Finn Interview

Sully sits down with the other half of UD’s famous front court

The BBR Podcast is back from a long, yet expected, hiatus to give you another off-season interview with a former UD player. This time Sully welcomes on Sean Finn, the Flyers Center from 2002-2004 and the last 7 footer to touch the floor for the red and blue. 

After a lengthy monologue Sully dives in to learn about what Sean is up to these days, how he’s spending quarantine, and then of course how a kid from rural Western Kansas ended up in Southwest Ohio. 

The boys go chronologically through the career of Sean, highlighting the struggles of his freshman year, his thoughts about possibly leaving the program, and then eventually the successes that came his way being a part of one of the best Flyers front court’s of all-time. 

Sean takes a long stroll down memory lane to share stories about the laid back approach of Oliver Purnell, the adjustment to Brian Gregory, and how BG benched him during his final season in Dayton for a heated exchange after a loss. 

The episode runs long, but we’re betting on you having nothing better to do anyways. 

Lastly, at the front of the program Sully mentions the current fundraiser going on to purchase your very own Dayton hockey jersey (pictured above with white also available). Follow the link in the tweet below, with all proceeds going to the Dayton Club Hockey team. 

Thank you to our sponsors who continue to show us love. 

Wear red and be LOWD 

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